[Solved] Ubuntu Hardware not detected

Today, I’ve encountered a strange issue with my laptop. When I start as usual, none of my hardware components were not working including my keyboard, trackpad and wifi. I have soon plugged in an external keyboard and mouse to see if they work, so that I can find what’s happening within and Voila, it worked!. I was shocked to see my settings had no options associated with wifi nor my trackpad. I found no result being populated when I tried the below command.

lspci | grep wireless

Restart didn’t help me either. Then, Shrini hinted me to run software update and do a restart. Oh yes! Now I remember, my previous update was unsuccessful because I had to ‘force kill’ it as it was hung at the time of update for some reason.

Solution : I ran the update by bringing the update manager (Press Alt+F2 and type ‘update-manager’ in the box and hit enter) and it asked me for a restart. Hooray! Everything started working as expected after a restart.

Lesson learnt : Avoid force killing the update process while updating. If done, make sure you re run before a restart.

Oh Penne Penne – Vanakkam Chennai English Lyrics.

Of late I’ve got addicted to hearing this song – Oh Penne penne from Vanakkam Chennai movie. I managed to grab lyrics from here and practice signing (Yes, that’s the voice from a proud bathroom singer :P)

I managed to find the lyrics for that short english piece that comes in between stanzas as I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Never wanna see this friday, forget the thunder and Lightning.

Hold you to see the Morning light. Never leave your faith.

My next attempt is to find the lyrics for this – Oh Penne Penne International Version:)

Will update this post shortly…


Here comes the lyrics for the International version..

I wanna hold ya, lie on your shoulder, You’re all I see when I dream, You’re the air that I breathe.

You just close your eyes, put your hand in mine. Let the world fade away till it’s just you and me.
Until now into you, spin ma world into two, so ma heart beats to your beat, singing ma melody, under the candle light, our body stance it’s light, but the world cannot see. That’s what you found in me.

(Oh penne penne, girl you show me the way, when I look in your eyes, you take my breath away)*2

Never wanna see us fighting, forget the thunder n lightning, I hold you till we see the morning..light never leave your side.

Ezhu kadal thaandi unakaaga vandhene, indha nadhi vandhu kadal seruthe, vennilavai vetti mothirangal seivene, adhu unai sera oli veesuthe, andha vinmeengal thaan..undhan kan meedhile, vandhu kudiyerave .. konjam edam kekuthe, indru un kaiyile..naan nool bommaiye, oonjal pol maaruthe..adi un penmaiye.

(oh.. penne penne, girl you show me the way, when i look in your eyes, you take my breath away)*2

Never wanna see us fighting, forget the thunder n lightening, I hold you to see the morning light, never leave your side.

That’s enough into you, spin my world into two, so my heart beats with your beat
singing my melody.

Under the candle light, our body stance it’s light, what the world cannot see, that’s what you found in me

Oh penne penne, girl you show me the way, when i look in your eyes, you take my breath away

(take my breath away)*2

Here is the reason why I don’t care about NSA!

There has been a lot of news about NSA spying on everyone and people say this open-ended surveillance system is illegal, as it operates in total secrecy. As you know, under this system, the Govt can know where you have been, where you are and where you’re going. They collect information on you based on what you read, or the websites you go to you’ll likely never know or get to stop it no matter who you are. Internet has turned out to be a tool for surveilling everyone.

If you know or not, the 4th amendment exists to prevent the government from tracking or searching your personal information, unless they have good reason to believe a crime is happening. Using the NSA, US Government is violating the highest law of the Country, the Constitution. The US Constitution was written to prevent government surveillance programs like PRISM.

There has been a lot of campaigns being run stop the NSA, restore the constitution and keep the world free.

Now that I know all these and when the entire world is against it, my personal opinion is to not really bother. The more I bother, the more cautious I become and I end up not being myself and there I restrict my ACTUAL freedom myself. So, why to bother? – I give the bird to those who are spying on me. For those who are concerned, all I can ask them is just this question – When NSA knows everything about one’s online activity, why can’t they do anything about Wikileaks?


All I feel for NSA is, when they can track the “ENTIRE WEB”, It’s a truly technically challenging feat in itself. I wonder and strongly doubt if they can really be behind everyone and it’s gonna be really REALLY resource consuming in all ways.

I don’t really bother till I do any crime and neither should you and stop bothering they took away your privacy. Those who bothers, I don’t bother. Those who don’t, continue cherishing every moment and do play safe.  Let’s see what’s waiting for us.

After all life is a daring adventure. Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. Go where you want to go, because you have only one life and only one chance to do everything !!!

[SOLVED] Why don’t many https enabled sites load on Windows?

Yesterday, a friend of mine came to me with a strange but interesting issue on his Windows 7 machine. Many secured (https enabled) sites were not loading properly; whereas Google.com worked fine, but not any other Google services. They either result in a web page not found error or load partly and fails to login.

Screenshot from 2013-07-18 11:01:56

As an initial triage, to check for consistency, I verified if this issue exists across all browsers –   and yes! IE, Firefox and Chrome resulted the same.

Ping to google.com was successful with no delay; But telnet facebook.com 443 failed. This made me confirm that the issue is close to the traffic towards https. I also made sure firewall was turned off while testing this.

Next, I thought if his Airtel 3g dongle modem had some issues and thus I tried connecting to my BSNL Wifi. Whoops! it behaved the same way.

Google results suggested me to change the default DNS to either openDNS ( or Google’s ( and to my destiny, it didn’t help me either.

After a while, out of no where, my instinct suggested from my past experience that I fixed a similar kind of issue by changing the System date and time while I was using Windows.

.. .and voila!! I see the same issue here. His system date and time in his laptop was set way behind the actual date (May be it’s time to replace his CMOS battery or whatsoever). After setting the right time and enabled auto-sync with the internet, all websites started loading as expected without any issues.

Uff! Seriously, a change in date could impact this bad? Doh, whatever.. I fixed it and left the room like a boss 😉

Script to import Salesforce Solutions to Zendesk Forums

I was given a task to migrate Salesforce Solutions to Zendesk Forums. I realised the only way that you can export Solutions from Salesforce, is to generate a report and export the results as .xls or .csv format.

I selected only Content Title and Solution Description and exported to a csv file. I chose .csv format as I had a feeling it could be comparatively easier to code to import.

Create a forum in Zendesk where you want the Salesforce solutions to be dumped and find it’s forum id via the URL.

Replace it in the script that I wrote and run it to to read this csv file and import into Zendesk.

You may find the script here : https://github.com/ijeyanthan/salesforce-solutions-to-zendesk-forum

To extend the functionality, visit developer API docs http://developer.zendesk.com/documentation/rest_api/forums.html for the list of possible JSON requests available in Zendesk.

How do you say “I am missing you” in Tamil? Here it is

Finally, I got the answer for the long pending question in my mind. Thanks to Quora.

How do you say “I am missing you” in Tamil?

Though we can’t expect a literal translation in Tamil, I felt this to be close enough to convey the meaning.

நான் உன் இன்மையை உணர்கிறேன் (Naan un inmaiyai unargiren).

i.e., I’m feeling your absence.

How to do a batch image resize in Linux

Today, I realised my ~/Photos directory has crossed 50GB and I badly had to clear them up. I’m definitely not spending time choosing images to delete this time, but just reduce the size of those high resolution images that are eating away my disk space.

I found a way to reduce the size of the image without reducing the quality much.

you need to install it if you don’t have the tool :

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

The most basic way to use convert is to give a file at a time on the command line:

$ mogrify -verbose -resize 50% <filename>

I had to do this for the whole directory and thus replaced the filename with a *

$ mogrify -verbose -resize 50% *

This is a time consuming operation and thus a due patience is required.

We can also mention the dimension of a picture. Say, I reduced the dimension to 1024×768 with this command:

$ mogrify -resize 1024×768 *.jpg

I also found that we can convert all our PNG images in a folder to the JPEG format

$ mogrify -format jpg *.png

NOTE : mogrify will replace your existing file with the updated content. Make sure you are aware of this.

For further info, $ man mogrify to read the manual or go to http://www.imagemagick.org/www/mogrify.html

Deleting specific strings from file using Python

I had to delete/replace few words from few text files. Find and Replace feature wouldn’t come handy if there are too many files to edit.

The following python script helps us to replace specific string/phrase from the file with something else.


infile = "file.txt"
outfile = "updated_file.txt"

delete_list = ["phrase1", "phrase2"]
fin = open(infile)
fout = open(outfile, "w+")
for line in fin:
    for word in delete_list:
        line = line.replace(word, "")


Script to import HTML files into Zendesk Forums

Weeks ago, I was given with a task to import bunch of HTML files into Zendesk Forum as articles. As there were thousands of files and it’s tough to copy paste them manually. I got to know that Zendesk offers a rich set of API’s to manage Forum and it’s contents. I have created a Python script to import bunch of offline HTML files into Zendesk Forum creating Topics/articles in a Forum under Categories

We can perform either of the following features in Forum section.

  • List Forums
  • Show Forum
  • Create Forum
  • Update Forum
  • Delete Forum

Example request available in the Zendesk developers page is using curl.

curl https://yoursubdomain.zendesk.com/api/v2/topics.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" -v -u email:password -X POST -d '{"topic": {"forum_id": 79161, "title": "My Topic", "body":"This is some code", "topic_type": "articles", "access": "logged in users" }'

The above example had a limitation of adding HTML code into<code>, which is impossible when we had thousands of files to be uploaded. Thus I wrote a Python script tweaking the above example, so that I can refer an external file to fetch HTML contents and import it as an individual Topic.

Source can be found here..


To know more, visit http://developer.zendesk.com/documentation/rest_api/forums.html for the list of possible JSON requests available in Zendesk.

Is this an Eagle or a Vulture or a Hawk?

Today, while I was at my bay, there sat a bird screaming on the other side of our bay window. It’s sound has immediately driven everyone’s attention and there arose a debate about the bird, whether it was an Eagle or a Hawk or a Vulture.

After a bit of conversation, we ended up concluding it was a Hawk!. I was anyways not sure of it’s difference and agreed to what they said.

Ah! What is the difference between these all birds?

The eagle and hawk are predators while the vulture is a scavenger, feeding mostly on the carcasses of dead animals.

Eagles are differentiated from other broad-winged birds of prey mainly by their larger size, more powerful build, and heavier head and bill. Most eagles are larger than any other raptors apart from the vultures.

Most hawks are mainly woodland birds that hunt by sudden dashes from a concealed perch. They usually have long tails and high visual acuity.

But all of them do belong to the “Old World vulture”, belonging to the family “Accipitridae”.

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_World_vulture

That’s a new learning today 🙂

Now, hold on – how do we call it in Tamil ?

All started suggesting various names for this and after a bit of Googling, I found it to be called as ‘Parunthu’ (பருந்து)

Then what is it for Eagle ? – Well, it is ‘Kazhugu’ (கழுகு)

.. and for Vulture? – It is ‘Rajali’ (ராஜாளி)