[HOWTO] Bake your motherboard to Fix the “LG TV HDMI Ports not working” issue

I bought a used TV (LG 42LD750) from a gentleman here in Germany. After 5 months of its working, one day all my HDMI ports stopped detecting any device when connected. Replacing the HDMI cable didn’t help. As it is out of warranty, Saturn and MediaMarkt suggested me to approach the LG service centre and when I asked them, they wanted me to ship it to Mainz as they don’t have a physical service centre anywhere else in Germany. None of the TV repair centres are also around in my town.

Upon Googling, I found some forums having the same problem and they all pointed to this blog post http://zedic.com/lg-42dl550-fix-repair/.
At first glance, it sounded insane to me. They wanted me to literally heat my motherboard in the oven. I couldn’t get convinced more after reading the comments – Almost 100% success rate. I gained the courage to try it and was prepared to order a new motherboard if something happens. I got 2 of my neighbours for help and followed blindly whatever was suggested in that post.

— Laid the TV down on my couch
— Started Unscrewing, Removed the stand – Back cover – Motherboard
— Preheat the oven for 15 mins
— Put the motherboard on top of a porcelain mug like in the img below. (FWIW, the mug touched a metal piece only)
— Let it bake for exactly 10 mins
— Let it cool for about 25 mins
— Installed the motherboard back

LG TV motherboard baking

LG TV motherboard baking

The first time when we turned on the TV without fixing the back-cover, we just got a blank screen and the LG Logo screen didn’t appear. I thought the whole experiment went in vein. But my friends seem to have missed connecting the LC Panel cables to the motherboard correctly (was very hard to see, as well as tricky to get it right, as the pins were so delicate) and upon connecting to the power the second time, the LG logo screen appeared. Yay! I jumped through the roof that it worked. I continued to connect my Android TV to one of the HDMI ports and voila! It got detected and yes, it WORKS!!.
Special Thanks to my neighbours – Fred and Simran. You have no idea how happy I was. Dinner was on me that day 😉


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