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[HOWTO] Bake your motherboard to Fix the “LG TV HDMI Ports not working” issue

I bought a used TV (LG 42LD750) from a gentleman here in Germany. After 5 months of its working, one day all my HDMI ports stopped detecting any device when connected. Replacing the HDMI cable didn’t help. As it is out of warranty, Saturn and MediaMarkt suggested me to approach the LG service centre and when I asked them, they wanted me to ship it to Mainz as they don’t have a physical service centre anywhere else in Germany. None of the TV repair centres are also around in my town.

Upon Googling, I found some forums having the same problem and they all pointed to this blog post
At first glance, it sounded insane to me. They wanted me to literally heat my motherboard in the oven. I couldn’t get convinced more after reading the comments – Almost 100% success rate. I gained the courage to try it and was prepared to order a new motherboard if something happens. I got 2 of my neighbours for help and followed blindly whatever was suggested in that post.

— Laid the TV down on my couch
— Started Unscrewing, Removed the stand – Back cover – Motherboard
— Preheat the oven for 15 mins
— Put the motherboard on top of a porcelain mug like in the img below. (FWIW, the mug touched a metal piece only)
— Let it bake for exactly 10 mins
— Let it cool for about 25 mins
— Installed the motherboard back

LG TV motherboard baking

LG TV motherboard baking

The first time when we turned on the TV without fixing the back-cover, we just got a blank screen and the LG Logo screen didn’t appear. I thought the whole experiment went in vein. But my friends seem to have missed connecting the LC Panel cables to the motherboard correctly (was very hard to see, as well as tricky to get it right, as the pins were so delicate) and upon connecting to the power the second time, the LG logo screen appeared. Yay! I jumped through the roof that it worked. I continued to connect my Android TV to one of the HDMI ports and voila! It got detected and yes, it WORKS!!.
Special Thanks to my neighbours – Fred and Simran. You have no idea how happy I was. Dinner was on me that day ūüėČ

Sticky post Moving to Medium

Now that the trend is shifted to the new blogging platform – Medium, I wanted to give it a try. Find my posts here going forward –

How does it feel like to undergo a lasik surgery

I have started using lens from Dec 2013. It has never been smooth for me. The amount of time wasted to place it correctly on my cornea and the effort needed to maintain it was tiresome. It’s been close to a year and now I’ve decided to go for a corrective surgery.

Which one to choose?

There are 3 types : LASIK, Personalised (Zyoptix) and Femto laser. Femto laser is the latest technology that involves no blades and it costs more than double the price of Zyoptix. I was suggested to not go for it, because it is fairly new in the market and not sure about its effect after 10 years. Thus, I chose the second one (Zyoptix).

More info about the cost :

Procedure :

I had to undergo Pre operative Assessment that involves few tests that takes around 2-3 hours including waiting time. Those are as simple as sitting in front of a beam of light on different machines. I was given a positive sign for the surgery by the ophthalmologist.

Did I mention that I had to stop wearing lens for at least 2 weeks before the day of assessment? This is to make sure the eyeballs are in the right proportion, thereby yielding the right results. Looks like lens alter the shape of the cornea. Post the test, we are free to wear till we undergo surgery. The assessment is valid for 3 months, within which one should undergo surgery.

Next day, I was prepared for surgery and had to chime in as early as possible. I was given eye drops every few mins for about an hour and it made my eyes insensitive to touch. Probably that’s what they call it local anaesthesia? I don’t know.

When my turn came, I was told to enter the surgery theatre after wearing their surgical clothes and a cap. It was super cold inside. There were few standing around the chief doctor inviting me with a warm smile and told me not to worry. I laid on the chair(/bed?) that resembled dentist chair. The machine above me had a blinking orange light surrounded by a circular beam of light.

I was told to look at the light source throughout. They clamped my eyelids. Trust me, it wasn’t as complex as you see in the images when you google for it. I was apparently not able to feel anything. They placed a cylinder over my eyes and now the light source appeared blurry. That device then started chopping my cornea flap (and I could feel that). Now I could barely see anything, but just hear. Then heard a stream of mosquito bat sound surrounding my eyes (and it smelled exactly the same). I safely assumed it must be the laser gun shots passing through my eyes. The entire process lasted for not more than a minute. They then had to take off the cylinder and close the flap with a tiny needle which I could see this time.

Voila, that’s it! The same process was repeated for the other eye.

Lasik Courtesy: Google

We can return home soon after the Lasik. Post surgery, I felt the pain increasing gradually and it was lasting for about 4 hours. Pain killers came to the rescue. I could correlate the pain with peeling off an onion and eye irritation caused by dust ;).

Precaution :

I had to wear closed black glasses for a day to avoid infection and prevent bright light from entering my eyes. I had to go to the hospital the next day for a general checkup which lasted for less than a minute and was then given eyedrops to put at regular intervals. Right now, bright light makes me squeeze my eyes and it could continue for a month and is completely normal.

I was instructed not to take a head bath and face wash for at least 5-10 days just to avoid contact with water.

I’m perfectly normal now with a 6/6 vision ūüôā

A terrible experience with Rajalakshmi Roadways and what happens next?

Here I come with another awful travel experience, but this time with a private bus service on May 26, 2014!

Usually, I book my bus at the last minute, as my travel is usually sudden. My favourite is over, as I get better offers over the latter one.

I was looking for the cheapest travel for my commute that weekend from Madurai to Chennai. As usual, I got this Rajalakshmi Roadways getting listed on the site.

FF : I made it on time to Mattuthavani, Madurai bus terminus and couldn’t find the bus. It was supposed to be parked amongst the other buses at the entrance of¬†the bus stand, but wasn’t. I had to call them and with much struggle, I managed to find the bus parked way further than you could ever guess. Maybe I missed it at the first glance because Rajalakshmi Roadways wasn’t mentioned anywhere, except in¬†the frame of the bus as ‘RR’ (If I remember correctly). Finally, I boarded into the bus after passing the most lethargic driver I’ve ever met.

The condition of the bus was so pathetic. One could very easily find that the bus was remodeled to make some sleeper berths. The clothes were so awfully maintained that the next day, I found rashes all over my arms and shoulders.

The bus was supposed to leave at 10.30, but left the place only by 11.30 despite the passengers losing their patience and started yelling at the driver. They finally left the place around 12.15 after filling gas and waiting once again for one stupid passenger loosing something and taking it back on the way.

My happiness wasn’t to last for long. The bus was moving so slowly that even a bullock cart could overtake. I managed to get some sleep and at around 2AM, the bus had passed¬†Trichy and halted along the highways. I woke up and found the driver trying to fix something in¬†the engine. Over an hour has passed and he slowly informed few passengers that he is giving up and that he wants to look for other buses in the middle of the pitch¬†dark highways. There were neither¬†cab services nor bus services ready to be arranged for us.¬†Interestingly, the Driver absconded soon after the situation took a turn for the worst! The cleaner slowly left the place too after hinting to us that the owner of the bus service wasn’t picking up the call and switched off the phone.

After waiting for an hour, we managed to get a Delux bus with the help of the Highway Patrol at around 4.30AM. I had to cramp my legs and sit among the crowd. The next day was so spoiled because of this and I could only reach my office by noon.

I had¬†tweeted instantly about this here –¬†

Rajalakshmi Roadways – The bus to be banned.

Interestingly, the next day, I received a call from RedBus and Goibibo support asking for an explanation. They promised me a refund. Soon after a few hours, I got a call from Rajalakshmi Roadways themselves apologising for the inconvenience caused. They’ve explained the reason behind the incident and promised a refund of the whole money. I chose the¬†option of transferring the money to my bank account, as I had no time to go to their centre which was located about 20 kms away from my place.

Despite many reminders, I haven’t had my refund sanctioned. By reporting this back to Goibibo, I had received a partial refund after many twitter DMs.

This incident made me realise the power of social media and the fact that not all the private buses are maintained well.

Rashes due to the travel in Rajalakshmi roadways

Oh Penne Penne – Vanakkam Chennai English Lyrics.

Of late I’ve got addicted to hearing this song – Oh Penne penne from Vanakkam Chennai movie. I managed to grab lyrics from¬†here¬†and practice signing (Yes, that’s the voice from a proud bathroom singer :P)

I managed to find the lyrics for that short english piece that comes in between stanzas as I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Never wanna see this friday, forget the thunder and Lightning.

Hold you to see the Morning light. Never leave your faith.

My next attempt is to find the lyrics for this –¬†Oh Penne Penne International Version:)

Will update this post shortly…


Here comes the lyrics for the International version..

I wanna hold ya, lie on your shoulder, You’re all I see when I dream, You’re the air that I breathe.

You just close your eyes, put your hand in mine. Let the world fade away till it’s just you and me.
Until now into you, spin ma world into two, so ma heart beats to your beat, singing ma melody, under the candle light, our body stance it’s light, but the world cannot see. That’s what you found in me.

(Oh penne penne, girl you show me the way, when I look in your eyes, you take my breath away)*2

Never wanna see us fighting, forget the thunder n lightning, I hold you till we see the morning..light never leave your side.

Ezhu kadal thaandi unakaaga vandhene, indha nadhi vandhu kadal seruthe, vennilavai vetti mothirangal seivene, adhu unai sera oli veesuthe, andha vinmeengal thaan..undhan kan meedhile, vandhu kudiyerave .. konjam edam kekuthe, indru un kaiyile..naan nool bommaiye, oonjal pol maaruthe..adi un penmaiye.

(oh.. penne penne, girl you show me the way, when i look in your eyes, you take my breath away)*2

Never wanna see us fighting, forget the thunder n lightening, I hold you to see the morning light, never leave your side.

That’s enough into you, spin my world into two, so my heart beats with your beat
singing my melody.

Under the candle light, our body stance it’s light, what the world cannot see, that’s what you found in me

Oh penne penne, girl you show me the way, when i look in your eyes, you take my breath away

(take my breath away)*2

Here is the reason why I don’t care about NSA!

There has been a lot of news about NSA spying on everyone and people say this open-ended surveillance system is illegal, as it operates in total secrecy. As you know, under this system, the Govt can know where you have been, where you are and where you’re going. They collect information on you based on what you read, or the websites you go to you’ll likely never know or get to stop it no matter who you are. Internet has turned out to be a tool for surveilling everyone.

If you know or not, the 4th amendment exists to prevent the government from tracking or searching your personal information, unless they have good reason to believe a crime is happening. Using the NSA, US Government is violating the highest law of the Country, the Constitution. The US Constitution was written to prevent government surveillance programs like PRISM.

There has been a lot of campaigns being run stop the NSA, restore the constitution and keep the world free.

Now that I know all these and when the entire world is against it, my personal opinion is to not really bother. The more I bother, the more cautious I become and I end up not being myself and there I restrict my ACTUAL freedom myself. So, why to bother? – I give the bird to those who are spying on me. For those who are concerned, all I can ask them is just this question –¬†When NSA¬†knows everything about one’s online activity, why can’t they do anything about Wikileaks?


All I feel for NSA is, when they can track the “ENTIRE WEB”, It’s a truly technically challenging feat in itself. I wonder and strongly doubt if they can really be behind everyone and it’s gonna be really REALLY resource consuming in all ways.

I don’t really bother till I do any crime and neither should you and stop bothering they took away your privacy.¬†Those who bothers, I don’t bother. Those who don’t, continue cherishing every moment and¬†do play safe. ¬†Let’s see what’s waiting for us.

After all life is a daring adventure. Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. Go where you want to go, because you have only one life and only one chance to do everything !!!

Mystery resolved – The case of missing balance in my mobile

Heya folks, after a long pause, am back with just another post to keep my blog live.

I still remember those days back at 2006 when I literally begged my parents to get me a sim card with Life time validity in it. Getting a life time card those days were so expensive (it comes around Rs.999/-). At that time, Aircel was the only network to offer Unlimited SMS for lifetime, that too for just Rs.888/-. Since then I am an ardent fan of Aircel network.

Lately, I experienced a strange issue with my network. My balance kept getting lower day by day without making any calls or sending SMS or activating any service. There is definitely something notorious happening with my network, but I had no clue about what was going on and thus I had to reach out to customer care’s assistance.

Reaching out to customer care and explaining the issue is the most painful thing to experience. I had to approach them this time and as expected, they weren’t of much assistance. Confirmed that no special service has been activated and they suspected some of my friends would have made calls without my knowledge. I so wanted to check with them the calls I made the recent calls I made. They refused to share those details with me. Despite many tries, I made him to disclose the time of the last call I made. He said it was just a few minutes ago and that was a surprise to me. I never made any calls that day and I had to continue begging him to know the number I made a call to. After a long debate, he agreed to disclose just the first five numbers to me.¬†As I got the number, I just ended the conversation abruptly out of frustration.

For a moment, I didn’t realise the number he was referring to, was none other than my another number. But hold on, why would I ever call my another number myself¬†when I have both the numbers in hand and that too throughout the month. If at all I have called, it must have logged in my mobile under Recent Calls history; it didn’t happen though.


Here comes the climax ūüėČ After a deep thinking and bit of a research on my mobile settings, I realised I have activated “Call Forward” feature a month ago and made it to route to another number, when this number is not answered or when not reachable. I had to do that because I had a poor network coverage inside my home. Now I called up again and confirmed the number and the charges they debited for that. Thus the case of missing balance has been solved.

Till this incident, I never knew I’d be charged for the call that gets forwarded as per the plan (Have to assume a call is made to the forwarded number and thus will be the charge as per the plan). For those ignorant, beware of this fact!. Arghhh, why on earth it didn’t strike my mind before?. Anyway, now I live in peace ūüėČ


Trip to Andaman Island – A Travelogue

Last week, I had experienced life’s most enthralling moments — Visiting Andaman Island with my friends Bhuvanesh and Shiva. Let me share my experience here.

As a side note, this is my first travelogue in my blog.

It all started here.. My friend Bhuvanesh’s family living in Andaman is relocating soon back to Madurai(my home town) as his father is nearing his retirement period. He is a frequent visitor to Andaman and thus, as usual he planned to go back to spend those final moments there in Andaman with their parents. As he mentioned this might be his last visit to Andaman, I thought this is the best opportunity to club with him and travel there. I started looking for the cheapest air tickets on the dates he mentioned and finally found Kingfisher Airlines to be the cheapest amongst the rest. Though Kingfisher Airline had been undergoing a serious loss at the time of booking, I dared to choose it and booked to and fro tickets on it with fullest hope on it that Kingfisher wouldn’t disappoint me at the last moment. To my almighty, flight didn’t get cancelled.

Day 1 :

I came back from office only at 11.30 PM. Soon after reaching my room, I had to finish my office backlogs and it took around 1.30AM. Later, I started to pack things to¬†accommodate¬†5 days travel. Flight was @ 4.30 AM and I didn’t have time to take a nap. With full of excitement, we reached Airport (Thanks to my roomie Asarudheen who dropped us at 3AM on his bike) and boarded into flight.


At 6.30, we reached Port blair and took an auto and reached Bhuvanesh’s friend’s place.

Port Blair, the only sizable town on the islands , serves as the administrative capital. Port blair offers several tourist spots worth visiting in andaman and nicobar islands.

From there, we took their car and started off to Marina park. We thought of going to Ross island or North Bay from there. Unfortunately, the ferry service was unavailable on Wednesdays. Took few clicks there and enjoyed the serene atmosphere and started to the next tourist spot.


Chatham Saw Mill¬†–¬†owned by Forest department, is credited as one of the biggest and oldest saw mills all through Asia and is located at the north tip of Andaman. The mill, dating back to 1836, is a big store house for different varieties of wood including Marble, Padauk, Gurjan and Satin wood.¬†The mill cuts massive wood into different sizes and shapes of timber and is functioning as the main source of timber for government and private agencies at a moderate price.¬†The entry fee there was 10 per head. We went in and found all those stupendous machines around cutting huge logs.

Chatham Saw mill

Once done, we spent some time wondering at those kids who were fishing standing on the bridge that connects this saw mill to Port Blair.

After a long drive for about 1.5 hours, we reached Wandoor Beach where Uyirin Uyirae song from kaaka kaaka film was taken.

Wandoor Beach

Wandoor beach is around 5 minute walk from Wandoor village and is  famous for swimming & for Coral Viewing. There are few other famous islands nearby РJolly boy, Red Skin, Sink Island (where Nanban film climax was taken). They are few kilometers away from Wandoor and we had to take a boat.

One can also go to Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, but we missed it as we were running short of time.

After spending time there, we returned to Port blair and had food at Bhuvanesh’s relative’s place.

From there, we then proceeded to witness the world famous cellular jail. A part of the jail had been lost in one of the natural calamities. The brutal treatment underwent by the freedom fighters of India in that cellular jail has earned the title, “Black Water” for the entire islands of Andaman.


Every evening (except Mondays), two sound and light shows are being conducted in the jail – One in Hindi and the other in English for a duration of 45 minutes.

As we have planned to hear in English, we left the place and reached the nearby¬†Corbyn’s Cove¬†and spent some time there watching the sunset.¬†This beach is set in picturesque backgrounds of lush green coconut palms and pleasant sea and¬†is the only nearest beach situated near Port Blair.¬†We then had to rush back to sound and light show.

This show narrates the untold suffering underwent by the freedom fighters to the tourists. A British man, David Barry, has earned a unique place in the history of the cellular jail for having had made the jail a hell for the patriotic prisoners to drive away from their hearts the thirst for freedom, self rule and self respect. I realized the importance of the Jail only after the show.

Then reached back home Рhad dinner and done with that day. Next day, we woke up early to catch the local passengers ship @ 6.30.

Day 2 :

Soon after reaching Phoenix Bay¬†harbor, we got into the ship and headed to Neil island –¬†one of the isolated islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and it was an hour travel from Port Blair. With my friend’s influence, we got to stay in a VIP’s room in the ship ;). Once reached, ¬†we had a special arrangement for Breakfast in one of their guest houses. In this island you don’t find hotels that easily.¬†Neil Island is mainly dependent on agriculture and agriculture has been the main trade here as the supplies of vegetables from the region has been impressive.


The population of the island is not much compared to the nearby islands. I got to see the real color of sea water Рthat breathtaking attractive photogenic sky blue colored transparent water matching the colour of Sky.


Got into Maruthi Omni (which was pre-arranged) and reached The Bharatpur Beach¬†famous for coral watching and swimming.¬†Ah! there comes the adventurous moment –¬†snorkeling¬†for¬†watching Corals. We got in the boat and set off for the diving site. The boat had a¬†transparent glass bottom to look through the corals from inside. The boat stopped in almost¬†mid sea¬†where there were enough Corals.¬†¬†Yeah ‚Äď even complete newbies like us could explore the underwater world filled with corals and colourful fishes.


We were told by them to dive into water and were given life jackets and goggles fitted to a tube like thing to breath inside water. Yay, I enjoyed watching the happenings under water and that was so much fun. I could now touch those pearl oyster ‘real’ – those fresh and live corals –¬†scare those colourful fishes – that was as if watching Discovery channel real LIVE ūüėČ .¬†We stayed underwater for about 50 minutes and had absolutely no mood to go back.

Soon after that, we had our Lunch at the same guest house. This time they served Fish curry and fish gravy – Yay ! they were delicious.

Next, we took another ship to reach¬†Havelock island. ¬†This island is considered as one of the best island tourist destinations in andaman and nicobar islands. Xylo was arranged this time once we reach Island. After a 45 mins travel, we reached Radhanagar Beach. It was recognised as the best beach in Asia by Times magazine. You should definitely try having green coconut water from one of the several vendors just outside the beach area. We had a great time sitting idle for some time, walking along the shores, *sight seeing* ūüėČ . This island has worlds finest sand – crystal clear water. Wild Orchid and Silver Sands throughout the place adds beauty to it.


After spending time there, a small hotel was arranged for our sleep near harbor. That night, we enjoyed walking so long and got into a random beach resort and spent some time there.

Havelock Island

Day 3 :

Woke up at 7 and and had our breakfast. Cruise Ship was at 8.30 to Rangath and was a 3 hours travel.

In between, we got down at Long Island and met Bhuvanesh’s relative there. Had fun taking a Sea bath – Lunch @ the ‘so called’ only hotel in that island. We were almost alone in that Island.


Then started to Rangath Island that noon in a local ferry. Just 7/- per ticket. It was a 45 minutes journey and we had to get through the dense part of Mangroove forest.

Soon after reaching Rangath (the island where his parents reside), we went through the mangroove plantation farm where varieties of mangroove plants are cultivated alongside the harbor. Those green shades were looking amazing. Their car came to pick us up from there and reached home safe.


The rest of the evening went off with some chit chat and a night visit to the nearby Jetty.


Day 4 :

This day, the first half of the day was largely uneventful. That evening, we went to Mayabundhar and it was a 3 hours travel from Rangath. Enjoyed the serene beauty of mangroove forest and the nearby harbor.

Roads are laid next to sea and almost throughout the way. They look unimaginably alluring. Nearby serene villages adds beauty to it. This place does not offer the typical luxuries of a big city but you will be bowled over by the lush green ambience and the sea all around.


Day 5 :

There comes the last day. It’s time to leave Rangat and start towards Port Blair to catch the flight @ Monday early morning. We decided to take roadways from Rangat to Port Blair. On the way, we had to watch one of the important tourist spots – The¬†Limestone Cave.¬†

Self drive from Rangat in their car – started at 7AM, so that we can catch the last 3PM convoy. Only 4 convoys per day (6AM, 9AM, 12noon, 3PM)

After about 3 hours travel, we reached the place where the ferry service was ready to take away our car to the next part of the island. Then we took a streamer and it was a 15 minutes travel. From here, it is a 1 km walk through the tropical forest to reach the limestone cave. It is a small cave with interesting limestone structures and stalactite and stalagmites, that showed up in the secondary school text books. It is not exactly outstanding but different enough to be a saving grace on this trip. I heard that these are the largest limestone caves in the world are not only a great natural wonder, but offer a fantastic experience for a tourist.


We started off from there and on the way, we had to pass through the¬†highly secured Jarwa reserve area where the¬†Jarwa¬†tribals¬†live. Due to the recent restriction made by the government, we had to pass through with forest guards heading the roads throughout the journey of 1.5 hours. We were not allowed to take photos. As you know, they are¬†‘rarely seen’ and to my almighty, Jaraawas showed up on the road. Men and women – almost naked except for the loin cloth around their waist, white marks all over their body and showing their amused smiling faces.¬†This reserve area is stretched over some exceedingly dense and green forests in two islands of Andaman.

After a long drive, we reached Port Blair that evening. Almost my whole day went off on travelling. Driving was indeed so much fun. Reached our guest house and left our baggages and started for shopping. That night went off with purchasing few stuffs for our colleagues and my family.

Day 6 :

With all those joyous memories, I started off to Chennai at 7.30AM and I had to go to office directly once I reach there ūüôĀ

Summary of Adventures I had ..

  • Surrounded by green trees and blue sea everywhere.
  • It was strange watching typical south-indian looking people speaking Hindi and it is their primary language. They are really kind hearted and down to earth type unlike any other tourist spots in India.
  • Had loads of fun doing snorkeling.
  • Thrilled to watch those Scary looking Jarwa Tribal¬†people.
  • Long drive in those ups and downs and that was undoubtedly so much fun.
  • Absolutely no network coverage except BSNL – Thus I had to survive without internet / GPRS throughout my travel (except at Port Blair).
  • People there follow road rules so perfectly that I could never imagine anywhere in South¬†India. One such example that I felt it worth sharing was.. ¬†During night, Vehicles coming opposite to us instantly dim their lights and slows down almost to zero and give way for us to pass by. Through this, I could literally¬†feel their respect on others.

Tips for those who plan to go to Andaman

  • Climate – The temperature that prevails there is moderate. I say it is same as Chennai weather.
  • Mode of Transport
    –¬†Ferrys are being operated from Chennai to Port Blair – Cheaper, but operates only on limited schedules. Visit for Schedule here –¬†
     Flight РAs Vir Savarkar Airport is an international Airport, you get flights from almost all parts of India to Port Blair. (We chose Kingfisher to be the cheapest amongst others)
  • They say the cost of living is very less there. But I didn’t feel so except in very few occasions.
  • Will add more info when I recollect things.
More photos here !
Facebook :


Global Android Hackathon 2012 – Event Summary – GTUG Chennai

Hello readers,

Last weekend I have organised a Global Android Hackathon in Chennai at CollabNet.

Global … what?

The Global Android Dev Camp is a collection of events that takes place from February 17th to 19th, 2012. Android developers from all over the world come together at more than 30 locations and hack for 48 hours Рnonstop!

Ah! okay, what happened that day?

Let me summarize the two days event happened here @ GTUG Chennai.

The event was held at CollabNet Software pvt. limited, Chennai. We had around 55 hackers gathered in training hall scaling from beginners to intermediate in Android development platform. Few already came as a team. The event started at 10.30AM IST.

Day 1 started with a self-intro to make everyone get to know each other and socialize. Following that, we had teams explaining their application prototype. They disclosed their project requirements and interested ones have volunteered to join their teams. We have finalized 13 teams working on 13 different apps.

Following that, we had Patrick, a Google Apps consultant from meghaITConsulting giving a lightning talk covering a glimpse about the hackathon event.

Next, we had Issac Wessley from Technogemsinc volunteering himself to give a talk on Android UI designing and the best practices to be followed with respect to layout and UI designing.

Post lunch, we had Santhosh¬†from Samgha¬†giving a glimpse about Android’s basics explaining the architecture and the best practices to be followed for beginners while coding.

Day 2 – Participants continued hacking throughout the day till 4PM. Then we had a Hangout with Googlers and the rest of Indian GTUGers who organised this DevCamp in their respective places. As we didn’t have much time, we saw a few demonstration from GTUG Bangalore.

Following that, One of the team members representing their team presented their application and demonstrated their application in their emulator.

Sriram from CollabNet and myself as juries, rated the applications based on 4 criteria (Innovation | project completion | originality | design). Out of 11 completed apps, we have picked the apps that scored the highest.

After announcing the winners, we had feedback and group photo session. We got an overall rating of 4.5/5 which is indeed the best score that I have ever thought. Few volunteers agreed to give a video feedback about the event, which will be posted soon.

Had one of the best weekends I have ever had.

Sounds great ! Do you have any clicks to share with ?

Here you go ..

Day 1 pics :

Day 2 pics :

Alright, can you chart down those 13 projects ?

The following are the final list of projects that has been showcased at the end of Hackathon.

Project Name

Members —- (Name | mail id)


Facebook Profile Live Wallpaper

prashenjeet biswas

Set a Live wallpaper from your facebook photos that changes randomly after certain time chosen by user.
Make a status update from the wallpaper itself.

missed call alert

Jaffer Sathik S
Manish Kumar K
Rajesh V
Nagaraj AB
Boovan pratab D

This application will work when we forget to take our mobile form home or anywhere, when you get a missed call after this application will trigger and generate a mail (who is called,with name if in your contact,which time) and will send that mail to which email id you provide to application


Abdur Rahman S.
Kapileshwaran V.
Abdullah S.A.K.
Mohammed Tabraiz Ali
Mohammed Aadil H.

AutoVaruma is an application to calculate Auto Fare’s in chennai.

Profile – O(GPS Track)

Mahalakshmi |
Jayanti Kumari

Changing the mobile profile when entering the office.

module 1: blocking camera
module 2 : GPS tracking and saving the track.

Profile – O (Corporate Mobile)


On login into any corporate, disable the camera in the smart phone that is being used. This is being used by the respective employees.


Rajendran M
Ramachandran L
Magesh C

Sending Encrypted SMS, that will be opened on the receiver side only if the IMEI number matches what the sender had intended to send to.



Karaoke app – The app will play karaoke tracks and the lyrics will be displayed according to the time. It lets the user to sing along with the song and the user can choose to record it if he wants.

Sorry I’m Travelling


Sorry I’m Travelling .. A handy app to send sms when travelling.


Arvind R.S.
Dillipkumar S.
Dinesh kumar T.S.
sampath kumar N

its an nice app to try and enjoy.

Pattern Match

Mukund M
Naveen M
Mohammed Shahin
Abhinandan R
Mukundan S

Its a simple pattern matching game which is a 2 player game. One player selects a particular pattern – either a password or the pattern (similar to android lock screen).The other player must find the pattern within the given time based on the given clues.

How about the event feedback?

We got an extremely satisfying feedback from the participants. Post the event, we had video feedback from attendees

Did you get any sponsor for this event ?

Ofcourse, yes. I thank CollabNet for sponsoring the Venue. Google for bearing food expenses and Symposiumz for popularizing the event online among students. I also thank one and all who were supportive to me behind the scene.

I had one of the best weekends I have ever had with a satisfaction of conducting a grand event successfully. I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m sure every participants have felt it useful.

The only thing I have missed is to update media about this event. I’m sure few of our apps would have got into the local newspapers.. like how an app in the Bangalore event has been featured here. Congrats to the team.

I wish to attend future GTUG events. How will I be notified ?

For future event updates, add yourself here

Google Groups

My day at Sastra University – SFOSS 2012

Last Saturday, I was in Sastra University, Kumbakonam campus. I was invited as a chief guest  for the event SFOSS 2012 organised by RamKumar, a final year IT student.

The event had few FOSS stalls hosted by the students of Sastra university. They were very passionate about FOSS Technologies. Listing down a few of the stalls from my memory that grabbed my attention.

  • Meld diff viewer
  • GCC
  • Blender
  • Distro flavours demo
  • Android Mobile Application Development – Demonstration

After my visit to all the stalls, I was invited to give a talk on Technologies in front of 300+ enthusiastic students. The conference hall was jam packed with FOSS enthusiasts.

As it was a novice crowd and green to Technologies, I started my speech with a thought provoking motivational talk to refine/foster their thinking process.

followed by, I started mentioning the seriousness of contributing to community – How to Contribute to open Source – It’s future vision – Career opportunities. I also made a¬†walk through to the student projects they can involve in. The¬†walk through¬†involves showcasing few open source projects hosted in and

As an example, I showcased Chromium project as an example. I demonstrated how to view the source code of any open source project – How to compile and build Chromium browser from source code.

Students were excited and I have got a really good feedback from them. Hoping to meet them in some other occasion.