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I’m Jeyanthan,. Working for CollabNet GmbH as a Technical Engineer in Support.

I’m a loquacious, Energetic, Easy going Workaholic guy with a keen intellect and admirable quality of creativity. I’m outgoing and gregarious in nature and have an inner strength and a great capacity to endure hardships. I’m dynamic, fascinating and often mysterious – a combination that draws many towards me.

I want to use this blog to share with like-minded people, my opinions on whatever interests me. The intent is not to tell you what make me tick but that insight might be incidental :) .

One thing though I can reveal about myself straight off — I am pretty lazy :) . So this blog might not be updated very frequently. Till then you can see what  I have been spouting prior to creating this here:

I am the co-admin of www.symposiumz.net (not active anymore).

I do guest blogging on a few listed below

I am the founder of Google Technology User Group, Madurai (GTUG Madurai) and manage GTUG Chennai too.. Visit here : GTUG Madurai

My old blog : – Empowering Knowledge

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