Month: November 2014

How does it feel like to undergo a lasik surgery

I have started using lens from Dec 2013. It has never been smooth for me. The amount of time wasted to place it correctly on my cornea and the effort needed to maintain it was tiresome. It’s been close to a year and now I’ve decided to go for a corrective surgery.

Which one to choose?

There are 3 types : LASIK, Personalised (Zyoptix) and Femto laser. Femto laser is the latest technology that involves no blades and it costs more than double the price of Zyoptix. I was suggested to not go for it, because it is fairly new in the market and not sure about its effect after 10 years. Thus, I chose the second one (Zyoptix).

More info about the cost :

Procedure :

I had to undergo Pre operative Assessment that involves few tests that takes around 2-3 hours including waiting time. Those are as simple as sitting in front of a beam of light on different machines. I was given a positive sign for the surgery by the ophthalmologist.

Did I mention that I had to stop wearing lens for at least 2 weeks before the day of assessment? This is to make sure the eyeballs are in the right proportion, thereby yielding the right results. Looks like lens alter the shape of the cornea. Post the test, we are free to wear till we undergo surgery. The assessment is valid for 3 months, within which one should undergo surgery.

Next day, I was prepared for surgery and had to chime in as early as possible. I was given eye drops every few mins for about an hour and it made my eyes insensitive to touch. Probably that’s what they call it local anaesthesia? I don’t know.

When my turn came, I was told to enter the surgery theatre after wearing their surgical clothes and a cap. It was super cold inside. There were few standing around the chief doctor inviting me with a warm smile and told me not to worry. I laid on the chair(/bed?) that resembled dentist chair. The machine above me had a blinking orange light surrounded by a circular beam of light.

I was told to look at the light source throughout. They clamped my eyelids. Trust me, it wasn’t as complex as you see in the images when you google for it. I was apparently not able to feel anything. They placed a cylinder over my eyes and now the light source appeared blurry. That device then started chopping my cornea flap (and I could feel that). Now I could barely see anything, but just hear. Then heard a stream of mosquito bat sound surrounding my eyes (and it smelled exactly the same). I safely assumed it must be the laser gun shots passing through my eyes. The entire process lasted for not more than a minute. They then had to take off the cylinder and close the flap with a tiny needle which I could see this time.

Voila, that’s it! The same process was repeated for the other eye.

Lasik Courtesy: Google

We can return home soon after the Lasik. Post surgery, I felt the pain increasing gradually and it was lasting for about 4 hours. Pain killers came to the rescue. I could correlate the pain with peeling off an onion and eye irritation caused by dust ;).

Precaution :

I had to wear closed black glasses for a day to avoid infection and prevent bright light from entering my eyes. I had to go to the hospital the next day for a general checkup which lasted for less than a minute and was then given eyedrops to put at regular intervals. Right now, bright light makes me squeeze my eyes and it could continue for a month and is completely normal.

I was instructed not to take a head bath and face wash for at least 5-10 days just to avoid contact with water.

I’m perfectly normal now with a 6/6 vision 🙂