Month: December 2013

[Solved] Ubuntu Hardware not detected

Today, I’ve encountered a strange issue with my laptop. When I start as usual, none of my hardware components were not working including my keyboard, trackpad and wifi. I have soon plugged in an external keyboard and mouse to see if they work, so that I can find what’s happening within and Voila, it worked!. I was shocked to see my settings had no options associated with wifi nor my trackpad. I found no result being populated when I tried the below command.

lspci | grep wireless

Restart didn’t help me either. Then, Shrini hinted me to run software update and do a restart. Oh yes! Now I remember, my previous update was unsuccessful because I had to ‘force kill’ it as it was hung at the time of update for some reason.

Solution : I ran the update by bringing the update manager (Press Alt+F2 and type ‘update-manager’ in the box and hit enter) and it asked me for a restart. Hooray! Everything started working as expected after a restart.

Lesson learnt : Avoid force killing the update process while updating. If done, make sure you re run before a restart.