Month: July 2013

[SOLVED] Why don’t many https enabled sites load on Windows?

Yesterday, a friend of mine came to me with a strange but interesting issue on his Windows 7 machine. Many secured (https enabled) sites were not loading properly; whereas worked fine, but not any other Google services. They either result in a web page not found error or load partly and fails to login.

Screenshot from 2013-07-18 11:01:56

As an initial triage, to check for consistency, I verified if this issue exists across all browsers –   and yes! IE, Firefox and Chrome resulted the same.

Ping to was successful with no delay; But telnet 443 failed. This made me confirm that the issue is close to the traffic towards https. I also made sure firewall was turned off while testing this.

Next, I thought if his Airtel 3g dongle modem had some issues and thus I tried connecting to my BSNL Wifi. Whoops! it behaved the same way.

Google results suggested me to change the default DNS to either openDNS ( or Google’s ( and to my destiny, it didn’t help me either.

After a while, out of no where, my instinct suggested from my past experience that I fixed a similar kind of issue by changing the System date and time while I was using Windows.

.. .and voila!! I see the same issue here. His system date and time in his laptop was set way behind the actual date (May be it’s time to replace his CMOS battery or whatsoever). After setting the right time and enabled auto-sync with the internet, all websites started loading as expected without any issues.

Uff! Seriously, a change in date could impact this bad? Doh, whatever.. I fixed it and left the room like a boss 😉

Script to import Salesforce Solutions to Zendesk Forums

I was given a task to migrate Salesforce Solutions to Zendesk Forums. I realised the only way that you can export Solutions from Salesforce, is to generate a report and export the results as .xls or .csv format.

I selected only Content Title and Solution Description and exported to a csv file. I chose .csv format as I had a feeling it could be comparatively easier to code to import.

Create a forum in Zendesk where you want the Salesforce solutions to be dumped and find it’s forum id via the URL.

Replace it in the script that I wrote and run it to to read this csv file and import into Zendesk.

You may find the script here :

To extend the functionality, visit developer API docs for the list of possible JSON requests available in Zendesk.