Month: August 2012

Mystery resolved – The case of missing balance in my mobile

Heya folks, after a long pause, am back with just another post to keep my blog live.

I still remember those days back at 2006 when I literally begged my parents to get me a sim card with Life time validity in it. Getting a life time card those days were so expensive (it comes around Rs.999/-). At that time, Aircel was the only network to offer Unlimited SMS for lifetime, that too for just Rs.888/-. Since then I am an ardent fan of Aircel network.

Lately, I experienced a strange issue with my network. My balance kept getting lower day by day without making any calls or sending SMS or activating any service. There is definitely something notorious happening with my network, but I had no clue about what was going on and thus I had to reach out to customer care’s assistance.

Reaching out to customer care and explaining the issue is the most painful thing to experience. I had to approach them this time and as expected, they weren’t of much assistance. Confirmed that no special service has been activated and they suspected some of my friends would have made calls without my knowledge. I so wanted to check with them the calls I made the recent calls I made. They refused to share those details with me. Despite many tries, I made him to disclose the time of the last call I made. He said it was just a few minutes ago and that was a surprise to me. I never made any calls that day and I had to continue begging him to know the number I made a call to. After a long debate, he agreed to disclose just the first five numbers to me. As I got the number, I just ended the conversation abruptly out of frustration.

For a moment, I didn’t realise the number he was referring to, was none other than my another number. But hold on, why would I ever call my another number myself when I have both the numbers in hand and that too throughout the month. If at all I have called, it must have logged in my mobile under Recent Calls history; it didn’t happen though.


Here comes the climax 😉 After a deep thinking and bit of a research on my mobile settings, I realised I have activated “Call Forward” feature a month ago and made it to route to another number, when this number is not answered or when not reachable. I had to do that because I had a poor network coverage inside my home. Now I called up again and confirmed the number and the charges they debited for that. Thus the case of missing balance has been solved.

Till this incident, I never knew I’d be charged for the call that gets forwarded as per the plan (Have to assume a call is made to the forwarded number and thus will be the charge as per the plan). For those ignorant, beware of this fact!. Arghhh, why on earth it didn’t strike my mind before?. Anyway, now I live in peace 😉