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All about OSUG/GTUG Summer Camp 2010

Hello everyone,
Glad to inform you that I have organised a grand 6 days Summer Camp on Open Source Technologies and Google Technologies from 19/05/2010 to 25/05/2010 held in our College having a crowd of 110 attendees.
Timings : 10AM to 5PM
Planning before the event
Initially, A month before, I formed a team of enthusiastic contributors for organizing this event and started framing the content and topics and segregated those topics to each individuals feels interested and good at it.
Then, We have put up on the site and sent about it to various mailing lists and to the whole college over SMS and thereby willing students registers in online.
After Approval from our college, we have started preparing brochures, posters, ID Cards, Banners, Certificates to publicize the event.
We have also brought chief guest to give away a guest lecture on topics based on Security and Technologies..
  • As we have the habit of organising Summer Camp and winter camp every semester holidays as a routine, we haven’t found it difficult in executing it and thus made this event a grand success too! with a turnout of 110 attendees.
  • Also, we have full support from our College administration and staffs in promoting student activities and in fact, that is the main aspect for success.
  • Myself, being a FOSS Enthusiast, have scheduled collaboratively with Open Source User Group to introduce students to Open Source technologies as well
  • We have collected a registration fees of Rs.150/- (A very meager amount) to provide them few giveaways like resource DVD, Notepad, pen, ID Card, Snacks, Certifs, etc !
  • Most importantly, we have offered participation certificate for all the attendees as a vote of honor and also to encourage them to attend such events and meetings regularly
  • Collected feedbacks in Google spreadsheet at the end of every day to know what every individuals feels and in turn, we got a heavy positive response !
  • The same strength of students were there till the last day of the camp !
  • In between, we also had some fun sessions, surprise events to make them energetic to listen.

P.S.  I’d like to share the Whole event raw schedule with you [http://docs.google.com/View?id=djkkcff_112drqjcdfq]

Picasa Album : [http://picasaweb.google.com/ijeyanthan/OSUGGTUGSummerCamp2010#]

OSUG/GTUG Summer Camp 2010
Event Summary:

Day1 :
  • We had Introduction to Open Source, its history followed by Ubuntu Installation and few basic commands in it
Day 2 :
  • We had Virtual Box, Subversion, SVN, GIMP,  Networking sessions as well
Day 3 :
  • As our camp focus’s both on open source technologies, we started with Python intro at morning and ended up with a live project demo “pyrfeed”[http://code.google.com/p/pyrfeed/] and thereby explained Google Reader API session and ended up with a hands on sessions on both . .
  • We had practical sessions on Firefox Extensions and Chromium Extensions followed by sessions on Cloud Computing and OMAP !

Day 4:

  • An intro to Android, Installation, and live demo on it & Hands-on practicals to students.
  • Cloud Computing concept, App engine and GWT and hands on session on running a live Hello world appln in App Engine.

Day 5:

Day 6:

  • We had ppl coming from infySEC, giving a lecture on Security and thereby it comprised of “How to find open ports in Wifi using Google Earth” and few other tricks using Google Maps. later I’ve concluded the day by using those API’s embedded into a site.

The above all topics were handled by student developers.We managed the event without any swags from Google, this time 🙁

  1. Photo Album – [http://madurai.gtugs.org/gallery-1] and still getting updated !
  2. ID Card, Banners, Certificates – [http://madurai.gtugs.org/file-cabinet] ..
  3. Slides too will be uploaded soon here !
  4. Video – Sorry for not recording any videos, as we din’t plan to do so !
  5. Give aways – DVD comprising of all the related softwares (both open source based and Google technology related IDE’s and videos)

Note: We used hardly few [in fact, re-used slides from other GTUGians] slides to explain, as we showed everything in live over Internet along with a demo. and in turn, students follow every step of ours onto their corresponding systems, as well ! ..

Hereby , I’d like to thank all my friends who have assisted with me and my Juniors and most importantly, students from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai for making their presence and giving talks in our event and in fact, that was a big hit to our successful Summer Camp 2010 🙂

My long time desire came true . . . ! felt heavenly that I have contributed my part to my Juniors 😉 Hoping at least few got benefited out of it 🙂

Will be contributing and assisting with my Juniors as much as I can . . .

Birth of Google Technology User Group Madurai

Hello everyone, Hope you read my previous post “Birth of Open Source User Group in KLNCIT”, if not, read it and come here back as this is actually a part of it  🙂

While searching about user groups and Communities, I suddenly found Google Technology User Group to be catchy and started to read thoroughly with my eyes popping out of anxiety! . . I was seriously longing for some organisation to recognize my activities and I hardly found anything successful . Out of  frustration, I just registered for a chapter in Madurai  for name sake.

It was Jan 9, while thinking to plan for starting up an OSUG in our College , to my surprise I got  a mail from Steph (Google) stating that GTUG Madurai was approved followed by few other Instructions.. , I was Jaw stuck for a moment, I started jumping till I hit the ceiling 😛 . I

Soon I started creating a logo, site for it followed by mailing lists, social network links and started planning for my first event to be a grand one !

I ended up inaugurating GTUG along with OSUG in 17th March 2010 @ our College  and thus my contribution towards Google Technologies begins 😉

I started learning things of my own to meet my needs .

Got to know about hell a lot of  new stuffs about Google’s Developer Technologies and its contribution towards Open Source 🙂

Now, I feel Glad and honoured to have this Manager privilege for my Madurai Chapter. 😉

Will promote whenever I get a chance to speak . . Got so many plans pipelined to do in forthcoming days !