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My Passion has been made as my Career – with CollabNet !

Hey all, I’m back here with my experience about my Interview process @ CollabNet., Inc. (visit www.collab.net).

It was Mr. Senthil Kumaran, Who sent about vacancy in CollabNet on July 19 through GLUGOT and ILUGC Mailing lists .

I felt that this post suits well for my background and soon sent my updated resume that night to the specified mail id .

I was eagerly waiting for a response mail from them .. After few days, I guess it was on 24th July, got a call from CollabNet stating that I have been shortlisted in the screening process and they wanted me to attend an Interview on 30th July 2010 (Friday).

I felt sooo happy and I started preparing for the written process and finally gone through it that day and came back home, awaiting again for the results . . After 4 days of impatience, got a call stating I’v been shortlisted in the written test successfully !

Yay, now the next phase is very important and I must step up moving my coin smart and with keen care.

The Judgement day came, I undergone 2 technical Interview rounds followed by 3 HR rounds . . and trust me, they were easy and very importantly it was upto my level 😛

BTW, I am not supposed to reveal those questions as it is not loyal 😛

Finally, after undergoing 6 rounds of thorough filteration, I am now a part of the CollabNet., Inc. Joined here as a trainee . . Feeling glad that my career has been made up with my choice of desire and proud to contribute my part towards Open Source as well !

Also, I’m proud to work under ILUGC Coordinator commiter, Mr.Shrinivasan … Yippie 😉

I’v got a chance to expose myself here to their Open Source technologies and also I feel that I can learn a lot here as I’m being surrounded by friendly techies and Geeks !

At last, My Passion has been made as my Career with CollabNet , who gets this heavenly opportunity ?! I work in a job which supports my passion . .

Will try to update my blog often with whatever I learn from now on ..

My Interview experience with Logica

Hmmm . ..  I have to say that this is the most memorable day ever in ma life !

Jus happen to check ma mails ,came across a strange subject stating something about the Interview call by the next day ! OMG! How did I miss this mail? I’d have read that mail instantly, as I do always , Anyways . .its already 7.30PM ! still an hour more to take decision whethr to move to chennai or not 🙁  I was clueless and thereby asked ma parents . . Immediately, they started yelling at me to go and attend after asking a series of questions!. Finally, after a thorough analysis with ma mates and seniors, I’v decided to give it a shot somehow.. oops, but its 9PM already. I started getting myself organised, left home though it was raining heavily;  most importantly, sacrificed ma dinner and somehow managed to reach bus stand by 10.50 ! .. was fully drenched 🙁

Know what? This is ma first time travelling all alone so looong (Madurai to chennai) in bus 😛

Sari vidunga, matter ku varuvom . . had few slices of bread and had a nap ! Reached Chennai koyambedu by 8.40 . . pretty tensed as it was already late  .. After making too many phone calls, took a bus to MMDA Colony and managed to reach ma senior’s room with a great struggle . . . Argh, it was all new to me !

Then, after refreshing myself, I came back to bus stand and took a bus to guindy followed by a share auto to DLF IT Park! Happa , oru vazhiyaa reached DLF Park by 10.30 AM ! . . . Ufff! it was too late .

What the hell? huge packs of stupendous skyscraper buildings all around. . is this called a Corporate environment? Got stunned by its majestic appearance and regained back from the world of fascination 🙂 . .. Entered into the gate after a thorough security check in several places . . Hmm  .. Entered into the Reception , waited for some time , then reached the place where candidates were waiting!

My teeth started typing cos of A/C, he hee 😛 😀

Aprom enna, tea , biscut laam kuduthaanga . . nalla saaptitu wait pannikitae irundhaen, until i get my turn to have a prelims (written test). Ah finally they called next batch of some 30ppl, onto which I was one among them 🙂

Had Preliminary round consisting of Aptitude, Verbal, etc for 50 marks with a duration of half an hour.

Its time to announce results . Ewww! Fingers crossed !.. Started reading out ppl names one by one . . . felt a bit nervous (not actually :P) . OMG,  My name, along with some 7 fellows, were not read as I thought 🙁 We stayed in the room and the rest were taken away.

Totally disappointed and I planned to move , but to my surprise, she came back and said that we guys were selected for next round and she wants us to move to GD Room !

Ah! ada kadavulae . . hmm epdi laam twist vaikuraanga (mind voice :P)

Entered into GD Hall quite lethargically as speaking is a piece of cake for me. Found HR to be  gigantic  . . Haiyo . . I couldn’t manage myself to that coldness in that room and started to shiver . . Darn you A/C (Should I tell it to her?, well not sure if thats right at that moment) 😛

Now, GD started , My much awaited moment had come as I had a bit of a confidence that I can manage this round as I’m already a chatter box 🙂

My hope was all up till we were given the Topic — “Football vs Cricket” .

OMG! I realised I was cornered the moment I heard it..  Ewww.. I knew the basics of neither football nor cricket, as I was not fascinated by them since my KG! I wish I must’ve known something about it in prior 🙁 I never expected such an easy topic would trap me into the couch ! All started to talk (‘scream’ suits apt I guess). . The entire 7 minutes of hot debate went in a jiffy! I have managed to collect one valid point and shot out towards the crowd when my turn came, but to my anguish, another fellow mentioned the same point that I thought to say . . Enna koduma sir edhu . . .

hmmm . . . aprom enna ?

Climax: Jus happened as you thought 😛 . . . its understood 🙂

felt a bit sad as next round was the final HR, which was quite manageable, it seems ..  told by my friend who have attended the next round . . anyways, it just went off due to my carelessness and lack of knowledge in cricket and football, I say 😐

Anyway, that was a great experience , came all alone and managed to reach d company and came up to this level ..

Finally, I spared the remaining evening in besant nagar beach with my friends (managed to get them just by coincidence) and took a bus back to Madurai that night and reached home safe :)… that is all folks!