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Birth of Google Technology User Group Madurai

Hello everyone, Hope you read my previous post “Birth of Open Source User Group in KLNCIT”, if not, read it and come here back as this is actually a part of it  🙂

While searching about user groups and Communities, I suddenly found Google Technology User Group to be catchy and started to read thoroughly with my eyes popping out of anxiety! . . I was seriously longing for some organisation to recognize my activities and I hardly found anything successful . Out of  frustration, I just registered for a chapter in Madurai  for name sake.

It was Jan 9, while thinking to plan for starting up an OSUG in our College , to my surprise I got  a mail from Steph (Google) stating that GTUG Madurai was approved followed by few other Instructions.. , I was Jaw stuck for a moment, I started jumping till I hit the ceiling 😛 . I

Soon I started creating a logo, site for it followed by mailing lists, social network links and started planning for my first event to be a grand one !

I ended up inaugurating GTUG along with OSUG in 17th March 2010 @ our College  and thus my contribution towards Google Technologies begins 😉

I started learning things of my own to meet my needs .

Got to know about hell a lot of  new stuffs about Google’s Developer Technologies and its contribution towards Open Source 🙂

Now, I feel Glad and honoured to have this Manager privilege for my Madurai Chapter. 😉

Will promote whenever I get a chance to speak . . Got so many plans pipelined to do in forthcoming days !