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Global Android Hackathon 2012 – Event Summary – GTUG Chennai

Hello readers,

Last weekend I have organised a Global Android Hackathon in Chennai at CollabNet.

Global … what?

The Global Android Dev Camp is a collection of events that takes place from February 17th to 19th, 2012. Android developers from all over the world come together at more than 30 locations and hack for 48 hours – nonstop!

Ah! okay, what happened that day?

Let me summarize the two days event happened here @ GTUG Chennai.

The event was held at CollabNet Software pvt. limited, Chennai. We had around 55 hackers gathered in training hall scaling from beginners to intermediate in Android development platform. Few already came as a team. The event started at 10.30AM IST.

Day 1 started with a self-intro to make everyone get to know each other and socialize. Following that, we had teams explaining their application prototype. They disclosed their project requirements and interested ones have volunteered to join their teams. We have finalized 13 teams working on 13 different apps.

Following that, we had Patrick, a Google Apps consultant from meghaITConsulting giving a lightning talk covering a glimpse about the hackathon event.

Next, we had Issac Wessley from Technogemsinc volunteering himself to give a talk on Android UI designing and the best practices to be followed with respect to layout and UI designing.

Post lunch, we had Santhosh from Samgha giving a glimpse about Android’s basics explaining the architecture and the best practices to be followed for beginners while coding.

Day 2 – Participants continued hacking throughout the day till 4PM. Then we had a Hangout with Googlers and the rest of Indian GTUGers who organised this DevCamp in their respective places. As we didn’t have much time, we saw a few demonstration from GTUG Bangalore.

Following that, One of the team members representing their team presented their application and demonstrated their application in their emulator.

Sriram from CollabNet and myself as juries, rated the applications based on 4 criteria (Innovation | project completion | originality | design). Out of 11 completed apps, we have picked the apps that scored the highest.

After announcing the winners, we had feedback and group photo session. We got an overall rating of 4.5/5 which is indeed the best score that I have ever thought. Few volunteers agreed to give a video feedback about the event, which will be posted soon.

Had one of the best weekends I have ever had.

Sounds great ! Do you have any clicks to share with ?

Here you go ..

Day 1 pics : http://bit.ly/yGwqQL

Day 2 pics : http://bit.ly/zReu04

Alright, can you chart down those 13 projects ?

The following are the final list of projects that has been showcased at the end of Hackathon.

Project Name

Members —- (Name | mail id)


Facebook Profile Live Wallpaper

prashenjeet biswas

Set a Live wallpaper from your facebook photos that changes randomly after certain time chosen by user.
Make a status update from the wallpaper itself.

missed call alert

Jaffer Sathik S
Manish Kumar K
Rajesh V
Nagaraj AB
Boovan pratab D

This application will work when we forget to take our mobile form home or anywhere, when you get a missed call after this application will trigger and generate a mail (who is called,with name if in your contact,which time) and will send that mail to which email id you provide to application


Abdur Rahman S.
Kapileshwaran V.
Abdullah S.A.K.
Mohammed Tabraiz Ali
Mohammed Aadil H.

AutoVaruma is an application to calculate Auto Fare’s in chennai.

Profile – O(GPS Track)

Mahalakshmi |
Jayanti Kumari

Changing the mobile profile when entering the office.

module 1: blocking camera
module 2 : GPS tracking and saving the track.

Profile – O (Corporate Mobile)


On login into any corporate, disable the camera in the smart phone that is being used. This is being used by the respective employees.


Rajendran M
Ramachandran L
Magesh C

Sending Encrypted SMS, that will be opened on the receiver side only if the IMEI number matches what the sender had intended to send to.



Karaoke app – The app will play karaoke tracks and the lyrics will be displayed according to the time. It lets the user to sing along with the song and the user can choose to record it if he wants.

Sorry I’m Travelling


Sorry I’m Travelling .. A handy app to send sms when travelling.


Arvind R.S.
Dillipkumar S.
Dinesh kumar T.S.
sampath kumar N

its an nice app to try and enjoy.

Pattern Match

Mukund M
Naveen M
Mohammed Shahin
Abhinandan R
Mukundan S

Its a simple pattern matching game which is a 2 player game. One player selects a particular pattern – either a password or the pattern (similar to android lock screen).The other player must find the pattern within the given time based on the given clues.

How about the event feedback?

We got an extremely satisfying feedback from the participants. Post the event, we had video feedback from attendees

Did you get any sponsor for this event ?

Ofcourse, yes. I thank CollabNet for sponsoring the Venue. Google for bearing food expenses and Symposiumz for popularizing the event online among students. I also thank one and all who were supportive to me behind the scene.

I had one of the best weekends I have ever had with a satisfaction of conducting a grand event successfully. I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m sure every participants have felt it useful.

The only thing I have missed is to update media about this event. I’m sure few of our apps would have got into the local newspapers.. like how an app in the Bangalore event has been featured here. Congrats to the team.


I wish to attend future GTUG events. How will I be notified ?

For future event updates, add yourself here

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How to install Google Wave protocol in your own server

Hi readers,

Here comes my next technical post about my favorite service. I am starting this blog assuming that the readers are aware that Google is no longer in service with wave. The Apache Software Foundation has accepted Google Wave into its incubator program.

Google announced in August that it was ending development of the real-time communication and collaboration project due to low user adoption. Since then, it has been working to prepare Wave in a Box, a standalone version that would give developers the functionality of Waves and the ability to run them on their own server.

As I have been a faithful user of Google Wave, I tried to deploy this in my local machine, so that if it gets succeeded, I shall host it in my own dedicated server and use it for dedicated purpose.

Let me drive you through the installation of “Wave in a Box”. As we don’t have any binary bundle available as such, we need to build it from the source.

You may find it’s source code here


STEP 1 : The mandatory one we need is to have Java.

STEP2 : You must have mercurial to fetch the source from the repository.

I use Ubuntu 10.10 and thus have installed it by the following command

$ sudo apt-get install mercurial

Checkout the source somewhere in your installation directory

$ hg clone https://wave-protocol.googlecode.com/hg/ wave-protocol

Get into the directory and run the following commands

$ cd wave-protocol
$ ant
$ cp server.config.example server.config
Do necessary tweak in server.config files as instructed. I haven’t done any as I have tested in my local machine.
$ vim server.config
Now, you are ready to run the installation
$ ./run-server.sh
Yes you are done ! It’s up and running.Open your favorite browser and browse to
Here’s my  screenshot ..

You will have to create an account to login to the UI. This lacks in many features that you see in Google’s official wave.

Official Website for further details : http://www.waveprotocol.org

Here goes the Wave model code walk http://www.waveprotocol.org/code/wave-model-code-walk

Note : As I said, this project will not have the full functionality of Google Wave as you know it today. Thus you can continue the innovation and customize it for your need as this has been open sourced.

P.S. I am still very green to this technology. Way to go… Please correct me if I’m wrong 😉 .

Birth of Google Technology User Group Madurai

Hello everyone, Hope you read my previous post “Birth of Open Source User Group in KLNCIT”, if not, read it and come here back as this is actually a part of it  🙂

While searching about user groups and Communities, I suddenly found Google Technology User Group to be catchy and started to read thoroughly with my eyes popping out of anxiety! . . I was seriously longing for some organisation to recognize my activities and I hardly found anything successful . Out of  frustration, I just registered for a chapter in Madurai  for name sake.

It was Jan 9, while thinking to plan for starting up an OSUG in our College , to my surprise I got  a mail from Steph (Google) stating that GTUG Madurai was approved followed by few other Instructions.. , I was Jaw stuck for a moment, I started jumping till I hit the ceiling 😛 . I

Soon I started creating a logo, site for it followed by mailing lists, social network links and started planning for my first event to be a grand one !

I ended up inaugurating GTUG along with OSUG in 17th March 2010 @ our College  and thus my contribution towards Google Technologies begins 😉

I started learning things of my own to meet my needs .

Got to know about hell a lot of  new stuffs about Google’s Developer Technologies and its contribution towards Open Source 🙂

Now, I feel Glad and honoured to have this Manager privilege for my Madurai Chapter. 😉

Will promote whenever I get a chance to speak . . Got so many plans pipelined to do in forthcoming days !