Playing around with fbcmd [HOWTO]

This post has been lying around my Drafts for about a month. While I was looking for ways to find mutual friends between two persons in Facebook, I realized that it is a painful job which involves a lot of playing around with Facebook API’s to get mutual friends listed. Whereas finding Mutual friends in Twitter is quite simple and so does with Identica too. You may find how to find them in this blog.

Let’s see how to achieve this..

1. Install fbcmd as per the blog post

2. Open your terminal and type the following to find mutual friendship between you and your friend

$ fbcmd mutual “<Enter_your_friend’s_full_name_within_quotes>”

For Example :

$ fbcmd mutual “vigneshwaran Raveendran”

NAME                     FRIEND_NAME

Vigneshwaran Raveendran  Kashi Vishwanath Revathy Ganesan

Karthikumar SK

Dhameswaran Natarajan

Mohindar Amarnath

Kamesh Jayachandran


Isn’t that awesome. The following are a few commands that I felt it interesting..

How to list [and optionally save] all your friend’s profile photos ?

$ fbcmd ppics =all /tmp/fbcmd/ppics/

How to list [and optionally save] all photos where friend(s) are tagged

$ fbcmd fpics

How to list any friends who are currently online

$ fbcmd fonline

How to export all your friend’s B’day date in csv format ?

$ fbcmd finfo birthday_date -csv

How to know your profile ID ?

$ fbcmd whoami

How to set your status update
$ fbcmd status “is excited to play with fbcmd”
What not? Start playing with this app
$ fbcmd help #is your friend..
With this application, you can even schedule for a list of status updates with the help of a cron job 🙂
for additional help, examples, parameter usage, flists, preference settings,
visit the FBCMD wiki at:

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