My day at Sastra University – SFOSS 2012

Last Saturday, I was in Sastra University, Kumbakonam campus. I was invited as a chief guest  for the event SFOSS 2012 organised by RamKumar, a final year IT student.

The event had few FOSS stalls hosted by the students of Sastra university. They were very passionate about FOSS Technologies. Listing down a few of the stalls from my memory that grabbed my attention.

  • Meld diff viewer
  • GCC
  • Blender
  • Distro flavours demo
  • Android Mobile Application Development – Demonstration

After my visit to all the stalls, I was invited to give a talk on Technologies in front of 300+ enthusiastic students. The conference hall was jam packed with FOSS enthusiasts.

As it was a novice crowd and green to Technologies, I started my speech with a thought provoking motivational talk to refine/foster their thinking process.

followed by, I started mentioning the seriousness of contributing to community – How to Contribute to open Source – It’s future vision – Career opportunities. I also made a walk through to the student projects they can involve in. The walk through involves showcasing few open source projects hosted in and

As an example, I showcased Chromium project as an example. I demonstrated how to view the source code of any open source project – How to compile and build Chromium browser from source code.

Students were excited and I have got a really good feedback from them. Hoping to meet them in some other occasion.


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