Instructions for Final year B.E. Students!

I’m writing this post for all  Final year students,

I hope that the following instructions would be useful for them to some extent

Serious part of your life starts from here . .. Be ready to strive hard to achieve your destination and thereby Success is all yours  . .
I feel that the following tips will be really helpful. It enriches you to be aware and be prepared to Survival of the fittest in the battle of JOB , indeed 🙂
I want you to improve your knowledge on various domains ….
The foll are some of my requests to make you aware of
  1. First of all, Set a goal and confine your area of interest  .. i.e., whether onto s/w side or on core side and start getting organised accordingly.
  2. Preparing a proper Resume is the Ultimate key to lure the hirer.. Hope you’d have got my mail consisting of a bunch of sample resumes! Don’t make your resume to exceed more than 3 pages, if so, then it is said as Curriculum Vitae, not a resume 🙂
  3. Explore what is into YOU and start to write something about you for hardly one page .. . I can bet you that you can’t even fill half the page 😛 …  No worries, Keep updating it whenever something strikes your mind about you and your uniqueness 🙂
    Most interestingly, it’s gonna be the root answer fot the most Typical HR question “Tell about Yourself”, which is undoubtedly a sure question, not only during interview process, but every time wherever you go !
  4. I request you ppl to start preparing for Aptitude and C* from now on . You will never find time to do a eleventh hour preparation before the day of Interview, as you will be intimated at the last moment about the Campus Interview..  we don’t want you to do the same mistake as we did!
  5. Register yourself in various job portals like (after preparing your Resume) like, etc.
  6. Keep a track on the most active forum regarding jobs to have daily updates on walk ins and off campuses . . .wait till opportunity comes to your batch ..
  7. Post your updated resume onto all company websites which has a tab named “CAREERS” in it for sure. [Not now, start posting at the end of your 7th semester]
  8. Be Active by participate in Symposium events like Paper Presentation  at least once in your College days, No matter however you mess it up ! , The Ultimate goal of doing it is that you may get rid of stage fear and would be a nice experience to manage in the crowd 🙂
  9. Before everything, Make yourself Confident enough to be better in Communication Skills . . If not, start striving hard for making it out ! In fact, that’s the best way of luring (attracting) HR though you are weak enough in your technical part. . You may also join in to get daily updates on a word everyday !
    Ignore this if you feel that its absurd.
  10. I request you to register in the mailing lists of your College Alumni Groups, so that you could keep a track on Alumini referrals which may come handy in near future.
  11. Apart from this, I can say that this is the best time for doing Certifications based on your interest… [not C or C++, but something different, like RHCE, SCSA, EMC Storage, CCNA, etc] . . because this is the only stuff which is gonna make you stand out from the crowd by differentiating you from others.
    Note: Please do consult with your relatives or friends of Seniors twice or thrice before taking a step ahead to join into any of those courses !
  12. Get a good score this semester, as this is the base for Cut-off for attending campus interviews.
  13. Be active in doing something, i.e., Updating your knowledge either passively by surfing internet or actively by participating in debates or meetings or by conducting events !

* – For students who wish to get into software field!

At last, Enjoy your final year to the core and meanwhile, think of your career too 🙂

Guess I have typed all that comes to my mind and I feel that this would be useful to you atleast to some extent . .
My best wishes for your success 🙂
May you shine well in this Tech savvy world !
DISCLAIMER: The above points are my personal view and it is up to the readers who wish to follow
FYI : I have posted this article here as well


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