How to play webex recordings in Linux

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What is a Webex ?

WebEx  is a commercial product from Cisco that provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing platform usually used for screen sharing (something like Teamviewer). These sessions can be recorded and re-shared across teams and can be reused when needed.

How to play webex recordings ?

The webex recording format ( .ARF, .WRF, .WOT) is not supported by any video players. Cisco offers their own players for both Windows and Mac. However, there is no Support  from Cisco to playback Webex recording in Linux OS. The following is the workaround that I followed to make it work in my Fedora distro.

  • Login to your webex account
  • Click Meeting Center tab -> Downloads (Left bottom under Support option) -> Recorder and Players -> Click Recording and Playback -> Scroll down to find the WebEx Player download link
Start downloading the installation files for Windows 2000+ (There are 3 files in .msi format for .ARF for .WRF for .WOT)

To install the above files in Linux, one must need a Wine software. Those who are new to wine, I say wine is an emulator for running Windows application on top of Linux.

To install wine, the following terminal, use the following command

Fedora Distro : #yum install wine
Debian Distro : #apt-get install wine

Once you are done with installing wine,  start installing the .msi files you have downloaded and that’s it. You are done.

These players have an option to convert these files to wmv or mp4 or swf file format to share it easily  across peers. But be informed that you might be missing the interactive session panels you see in Cisco’s Advanced Recording Format giving you a feeling as if you are in live WebEx meeting.

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