How did I fix a fan error

I found something unusual with my lenovo T410 laptop since last week. It started to perform too slow. ‘top’ command didn’t hint any unusual activity. Later, I realised my laptop getting heated up insanely. ┬áIt didn’t strike my mind to check the heatsink fan whether it’s running.

laptop fan

heat sink fan Courtesy :

I realised only when my laptop got shut down without notice when overheated. While attempting to restart, it throwed a fan error. I then took it to my admin ninja at office. He blew too hard into the heat sink few times. It emitted loads of dust, followed by which he had hit ‘Esc’ and voila! it started to boot. Till date, it works like a charm and it no more gets heated up.

P.S. I was lucky enough to get it working this way. You may have to take it to a service centre if this method doesn’t fix for you.



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