Here is the reason why I don’t care about NSA!

There has been a lot of news about NSA spying on everyone and people say this open-ended surveillance system is illegal, as it operates in total secrecy. As you know, under this system, the Govt can know where you have been, where you are and where you’re going. They collect information on you based on what you read, or the websites you go to you’ll likely never know or get to stop it no matter who you are. Internet has turned out to be a tool for surveilling everyone.

If you know or not, the 4th amendment exists to prevent the government from tracking or searching your personal information, unless they have good reason to believe a crime is happening. Using the NSA, US Government is violating the highest law of the Country, the Constitution. The US Constitution was written to prevent government surveillance programs like PRISM.

There has been a lot of campaigns being run stop the NSA, restore the constitution and keep the world free.

Now that I know all these and when the entire world is against it, my personal opinion is to not really bother. The more I bother, the more cautious I become and I end up not being myself and there I restrict my ACTUAL freedom myself. So, why to bother? – I give the bird to those who are spying on me. For those who are concerned, all I can ask them is just this question – When NSA knows everything about one’s online activity, why can’t they do anything about Wikileaks?


All I feel for NSA is, when they can track the “ENTIRE WEB”, It’s a truly technically challenging feat in itself. I wonder and strongly doubt if they can really be behind everyone and it’s gonna be really REALLY resource consuming in all ways.

I don’t really bother till I do any crime and neither should you and stop bothering they took away your privacy. Those who bothers, I don’t bother. Those who don’t, continue cherishing every moment and do play safe.  Let’s see what’s waiting for us.

After all life is a daring adventure. Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. Go where you want to go, because you have only one life and only one chance to do everything !!!


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