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A terrible experience with Rajalakshmi Roadways and what happens next?

Here I come with another awful travel experience, but this time with a private bus service on May 26, 2014!

Usually, I book my bus at the last minute, as my travel is usually sudden. My favourite is over, as I get better offers over the latter one.

I was looking for the cheapest travel for my commute that weekend from Madurai to Chennai. As usual, I got this Rajalakshmi Roadways getting listed on the site.

FF : I made it on time to Mattuthavani, Madurai bus terminus and couldn’t find the bus. It was supposed to be parked amongst the other buses at the entrance of the bus stand, but wasn’t. I had to call them and with much struggle, I managed to find the bus parked way further than you could ever guess. Maybe I missed it at the first glance because Rajalakshmi Roadways wasn’t mentioned anywhere, except in the frame of the bus as ‘RR’ (If I remember correctly). Finally, I boarded into the bus after passing the most lethargic driver I’ve ever met.

The condition of the bus was so pathetic. One could very easily find that the bus was remodeled to make some sleeper berths. The clothes were so awfully maintained that the next day, I found rashes all over my arms and shoulders.

The bus was supposed to leave at 10.30, but left the place only by 11.30 despite the passengers losing their patience and started yelling at the driver. They finally left the place around 12.15 after filling gas and waiting once again for one stupid passenger loosing something and taking it back on the way.

My happiness wasn’t to last for long. The bus was moving so slowly that even a bullock cart could overtake. I managed to get some sleep and at around 2AM, the bus had passed Trichy and halted along the highways. I woke up and found the driver trying to fix something in the engine. Over an hour has passed and he slowly informed few passengers that he is giving up and that he wants to look for other buses in the middle of the pitch dark highways. There were neither cab services nor bus services ready to be arranged for us. Interestingly, the Driver absconded soon after the situation took a turn for the worst! The cleaner slowly left the place too after hinting to us that the owner of the bus service wasn’t picking up the call and switched off the phone.

After waiting for an hour, we managed to get a Delux bus with the help of the Highway Patrol at around 4.30AM. I had to cramp my legs and sit among the crowd. The next day was so spoiled because of this and I could only reach my office by noon.

I had tweeted instantly about this here –

Rajalakshmi Roadways – The bus to be banned.

Interestingly, the next day, I received a call from RedBus and Goibibo support asking for an explanation. They promised me a refund. Soon after a few hours, I got a call from Rajalakshmi Roadways themselves apologising for the inconvenience caused. They’ve explained the reason behind the incident and promised a refund of the whole money. I chose the option of transferring the money to my bank account, as I had no time to go to their centre which was located about 20 kms away from my place.

Despite many reminders, I haven’t had my refund sanctioned. By reporting this back to Goibibo, I had received a partial refund after many twitter DMs.

This incident made me realise the power of social media and the fact that not all the private buses are maintained well.

Rashes due to the travel in Rajalakshmi roadways

Procedure to relocate my bike to a different state within India

So.. it all started here. I *was* supposed to relocate to Hyderabad from Chennai for exploring new opportunities. I had to take my motorcycle with me that I’ve purchased here in Chennai.

I went to the nearest Regional Transport Office(RTO) and asked for the procedure and got to know that we may need to have the below things ready for the relocation process.

  • Form 28 – Available in the nearby RTO kiosk.
  • Police Certificate – Your nearest police station of your residence.
  • Pollution certificate – Available in most of the 4 wheeler mechanic shops.
  • Bike Insurance – Says it all.
  • An attested letter telling about your relocation (with 5rs revenue stamp on it)

Head to the RTO office where your bike was booked. I think we can get this NOC (No Objection Certificate) anywhere. Pay an amount of umm, I forgot 😛 but pretty negligible.

Doing all the above makes sense only if you are relocating within your state. If relocating inter state, you will have to re-register your bike in the new state, for which you may have to undergo a lot of procedures and it might cost you around 15,000 INR and about 3-6 months to happen. My recommendation is to sell your vehicle in your current city and purchase a new one or an used one based on the duration of your stay. Good luck with that!

How did I fix a fan error

I found something unusual with my lenovo T410 laptop since last week. It started to perform too slow. ‘top’ command didn’t hint any unusual activity. Later, I realised my laptop getting heated up insanely.  It didn’t strike my mind to check the heatsink fan whether it’s running.

laptop fan

heat sink fan Courtesy :

I realised only when my laptop got shut down without notice when overheated. While attempting to restart, it throwed a fan error. I then took it to my admin ninja at office. He blew too hard into the heat sink few times. It emitted loads of dust, followed by which he had hit ‘Esc’ and voila! it started to boot. Till date, it works like a charm and it no more gets heated up.

P.S. I was lucky enough to get it working this way. You may have to take it to a service centre if this method doesn’t fix for you.


Oh Penne Penne – Vanakkam Chennai English Lyrics.

Of late I’ve got addicted to hearing this song – Oh Penne penne from Vanakkam Chennai movie. I managed to grab lyrics from here and practice signing (Yes, that’s the voice from a proud bathroom singer :P)

I managed to find the lyrics for that short english piece that comes in between stanzas as I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Never wanna see this friday, forget the thunder and Lightning.

Hold you to see the Morning light. Never leave your faith.

My next attempt is to find the lyrics for this – Oh Penne Penne International Version:)

Will update this post shortly…


Here comes the lyrics for the International version..

I wanna hold ya, lie on your shoulder, You’re all I see when I dream, You’re the air that I breathe.

You just close your eyes, put your hand in mine. Let the world fade away till it’s just you and me.
Until now into you, spin ma world into two, so ma heart beats to your beat, singing ma melody, under the candle light, our body stance it’s light, but the world cannot see. That’s what you found in me.

(Oh penne penne, girl you show me the way, when I look in your eyes, you take my breath away)*2

Never wanna see us fighting, forget the thunder n lightning, I hold you till we see the morning..light never leave your side.

Ezhu kadal thaandi unakaaga vandhene, indha nadhi vandhu kadal seruthe, vennilavai vetti mothirangal seivene, adhu unai sera oli veesuthe, andha vinmeengal thaan..undhan kan meedhile, vandhu kudiyerave .. konjam edam kekuthe, indru un kaiyile..naan nool bommaiye, oonjal pol maaruthe..adi un penmaiye.

(oh.. penne penne, girl you show me the way, when i look in your eyes, you take my breath away)*2

Never wanna see us fighting, forget the thunder n lightening, I hold you to see the morning light, never leave your side.

That’s enough into you, spin my world into two, so my heart beats with your beat
singing my melody.

Under the candle light, our body stance it’s light, what the world cannot see, that’s what you found in me

Oh penne penne, girl you show me the way, when i look in your eyes, you take my breath away

(take my breath away)*2

For those Whatsapp SPAMmers, here is the solution from developers !

I have undergone a deep vexation of late due to the recent Whatsapp spam that’s spreading and this post is dedicated to all those pathetic users who blindly forward to their contacts without thinking logically.. An important element called “common sense” is missing these days among people using smart phones (or are they loosing their smartness just because their phones are getting smarter?!)

(Here you will find the spam message that is being forwarded – – Click here)

Yes, I understand when you go to your contacts and look at everyones status, you see —- error: status unavailable.

To help those victims, I have personally raised an issue to Whatsapp team to check the status error issue. The following is what they had to say!!


**We are currently experiencing server problems affecting status messages. Our team is working to fix this issue as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! **

Thanks for contacting WhatsApp. We are working on answering everyone’s question as soon as possible. In the meantime, please look at our FAQ to see if your question is answered there.

FAQ page:

Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

1) Is my device supported?

2) Can I recover deleted messages?

3) How do I enter my friend’s number so they appear in WhatsApp?

If you submitted a suggestion, thank you very much for sharing your feedback. Please note that we cannot comment specifically about plans and developments, but we value your feedback and have taken note of your suggestion.
To add any updates to your request, please respond to this email. We are here to help!

WhatsApp Support Team

.. and there is also a blog from Whatsapp team to make sure users don’t fall for the spammy campaign and PLEASE DO NOT believe in such messages !

You may also have to follow @wa_status to know WhatsaApp’s server status !!

Now will you please stop SPAMMING and use your brain?


I got the following mail from them again

Cristina , Nov 29 13:41 (PST):

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We were experiencing a temporary outage. Our service is now restored.

In the future, you can check our Twitter account for updates on our system status:

Thank you for your patience.
That message is a hoax and did not come from WhatsApp.  Please disregard the message and do not resend it.
We do not use WhatsApp to mass message our user base, nor would we ever send you a message advertising gifts or asking you to forward a message to your contacts.

**WhatsApp works on a yearly service subscription model. The subscription includes all of our features, such as messages and multimedia. The lifetime of the subscription is determined by the platform you are using:

For WhatsApp for iPhone, there is a one-time charge of 0.99USD upon downloading the app. There are no additional charges beyond this one-time fee.

For WhatsApp for Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone, there is a one-year free trial period. Once the free trial period ends, there is an annual subscription fee of 0.99USD.

For more details on WhatsApp costs, please see this help article:

For more information about hoax messages in general, please read our blog:
If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!

Best / Un saludo
Cristina Trujillo

English Support / Soporte en español
WhatsApp Support Team


[NiceRead] Next time you see a Postman/Woman… SMILE!

Before stepping into Guruvappa Street in Kotturpuram, GopuGovindaraj (56), a postman with 34 years of experience, looks up at the sky and utters a silent prayer. He has been chased by dogs far too many times to keep count.

“It is a daily affair,” he says. “I think my uniform makes me look like a Chennai Corporation dog catcher.” Sometimes, he drops all the letters in his hand and runs. The barking animal, which is also scared by now, runs in the opposite direction. The spectacle plays out almost every day around 2 p.m.

There is also trouble of the bovine kind.

“If I leave my cycle unattended even for a few minutes, stray cows would start eating all the letters,” says Mr. Govindaraj.

“The bull fight that happens in Alanganallur every year is nothing compared to the regular scuffles I have had with cows, while I try to grab money orders from their mouth. The cows especially love thick calendars and books such as Reader’s Digest. Whether the subscriber knows or not, the cows roaming on the street know the exact day of delivery and would be waiting. And if I lose items, I’ll have to pay the penalty,” he adds.

It’s all part of just another day at work for people like Mr. Govindaraj, one of the over 5,000 postmen who roam the streets of Chennai daily, whether it rains or shines.

Nearly half of them are temporary staff, and are called “delivery agents.”

Most deliver about 500 letters on an average every day. Dogs chasing postmen might be a funny sight to most people, but without health benefits, some temporary staffers have even died of dog bites, says Mr. Govindaraj.

Few things have changed in the last 20 years in the way postmen do their jobs. The only major difference is that the department has started computerizing most post offices, which has made sorting easier. Postmen still have the ‘foot beat’ and ‘cycle beat’ system. S. Sadasivam, a postman, says: “During the rainy season, we are still given only an umbrella, a practice which was followed during the British Raj. How can I ride a cycle?”

Since then, there have certainly been some changes. S. Gangadharan, who delivers speed posts, sports sunglasses and drives around only on a motorcycle,.

“I keep running into Blue Dart and Professional Courier guys. They come wearing a tie. I want to show them I can also look tiptop.”

The next time you see a postman/woman… SMILE. Because a SMILE can make their day!

Source : (Excerpts from The Hindu. Jan 20th 2012)

List of free courses offered from Stanford, Yale, Harvard and MIT !


Encouraged by the response for the three online classes currently running

Stanford is now launching the following classes in 2012:

Immediately below, you’ll find the latest additions. All of these courses feature interactive video clips; short quizzes that provide instant feedback; the ability to pose high value questions to Stanford instructors; and feedback on your overall performance in the class.

Courses start in January and February. Enroll today for free. And, if something doesn’t pique your interest below, don’t miss our big list of 400 Free Online Courses.

Newly added:

Technology Entrepreneurship
Making Green Buildings
Information Theory
Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
The Lean Launchpad

Originally mentioned:

Computer Science 101
Software Engineering for SaaS
Human Computer Intereaction
Natural Language Processing
Game Theory
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Machine Learning

More Free Courses from Top Universities

You can download lectures (usually in audio and video) from iTunes, or directly from the Yale web site. And then, of course, YouTube is a good third option…

MIT Introduces Complete Courses to OpenCourseWare Project

Harvard Presents Free Courses with the Open Learning Initiative


Source :