Birth of Open Source User Group in KLNCIT

Hmmm ..  Where should I start ?

The desire of Organising an event was put up in mind after attending few events conducted by my seniors  Mr.Pradeep Kumar (Founder of IBM DB2 UG) and Mr.Raghuveer babu (Founder of MVCC- Microsoft Visual Campus Club and IBM DB2 UG) .. after seeing their hard-work in making grand events sequencially has kindled me to contribute something to them somehow either to assist with them by following their User group activities !

BTW, I became more and more curious on Open Source technologies after attending F’stival , Fossconf and GLUGOT meetings held @ Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.

Then, I came to know about GLUG Madurai and GLUGOT’s existence and their history and got a contact id of few of the GLUGOT founders’ like Mr.Joe Steeve and Mr.Senthil Kumaran !

I’v literally got stunned by their organising effort, enthusiasm, potential and most importantly their team-work made me to freeze for sometime . ! That’s actually possible only if we have like-minded people with us.

I wish I would start a group for my college too and thereby we can promote FOSS and it’d be beneficiall both to Students and for my Organisation ! , but, I didn’t know how to start and from where to start 🙁

Lately, M.G.Avenash (CSE Dept) and V.Thirunageshwaran (CSE Dept) of my set started organising a grand event named “Winter Camp – Season 2 ” in the month of december 2009 held in our College.

Interesting thing to be noted here is,  They both conducted separate events at the same time for 15days.

  • Avenash – 10 days winter camp on ‘Developing Software using IBM tools’
  • Thirunageshwaran – 10 days winter camp on ‘SQL Server 2008’

Do you know, in December 2008 too my Seniors conducted two successful winter camps (.NET & SQL Server) in our college. For details, refer the following links..

.NET Winter Camp 2008 (15 days)

SQL Server Winter Camp 2008 (5 days)

I have showed interest on their efforts and volunteered myself in supporting one of those two groups, i.e., Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Camp . You know something? I’v been awarded with “The Best Speaker Award” for handling sessions in that event. 😛

This gave me confidence and made my thought strong about creating an open source user group, along with MVCC and IBM DB2! 🙂

I started inquiring about this to my seniors and friends, where few started cracking jokes and made fun at me about this initiative and other few, who always take immense care on me has raised few qns , among which, the most silliest question was, “Edhukku indha vetti polapu? pesama padichoma, college vittu ponomaa nu iru da “, few others quoted, “indha college ku seiradhanaala unakkenna laabam ? ! “ , Though their questions were reasonable to some extent, IMO, it was pointless.

Rather than getting disappointed, I felt pity on them that they weren’t yet matured to know its vision, virtue, value and the satisfaction we get, when we share our knowledge with others !

Thus, I directly spoke with HOD of IT department for disclosing my ideas to her !. She totally got inspired by my initiative and started giving tips on how to start with this and so on 🙂 Also, to my surprise, She added that they (ITSG Group) are in a thought of revamping the entire College Systems with Ubuntu Linux due to Microsoft’s License issues and thus, this User Group activity is the right choice at the right time and its a a must to have one for our college to as it would make an awareness among ppl.

As I’m from ECE Department, Its my duty to bring this to our HOD’s knowledge and get approval soon from college to start this group by stating all its benefits that the College and Students gain from this User Group! . Thus, I’v soon made a list of it and brought that to our HOD !  . .. To my surprise, without a word, she whole heartedly accepted and started to search for an apt date to inaugurate without any delay! .

OMG ! Nw, its my sole responsibility to make things done without messing up and of course, the entire responsibility fell on me . Soon I started working hard for making things done perfectly.

Started to inquire about this to few of my TCE friends and invited Mr.Joe Steeve for inaugurating “Open Source User Group”. Again, to my surprise, I’v got a positive reply from him stating that he is willing to inaugurate our event.


Now, the responsiblity became even more worser and Its time for me to make things even more better . . Soon, I’v made all arrangements for inauguration and finally, that day came .

The day before Inauguration, I started preparing at the eleventh hour to chart out all the activiteez on the dais , blah blah . . with the help of my 4nd Bhuvanesh.

It was 17th March 2010 . .  My day started wit full of nervousness and Anxiety and as this must happen without any mess and most importantly I must make Mr.Joe Steeve comfortable in all means including hospitality .

Here are few photos that I wish to share with U !

For further details, visit

Don’t get confused after lookin at GTUG logo, in between 🙂 I will reveal it in my next post soon !

A special thanks to all my friends, Juniors and Class mates who made this event a successful one and fulfil my dreams come true! Lastly, My hearty thanks to Mr.Manikandan for making this come to reality !

This has come true and live by my Seniors Raghuveer babu and Pradeep as they were the founders of  User Group on Microsoft (MVCC) and IBM DB2 in our College . To know more about them : Click here

Now, I feel glad and really honored to say that I am the founder of Open Source User Group of KLNCIT 😛 🙂 and thus this is all about the birth of  Open Source User Group in KLNCIT 🙂

My task of Inauguration followed by few events & meetup got over ! [will update in my nxt post soon]

Now, I’m full of tender solicitude towards my OSUG ! . Its all left to my Juniors and my College.

My last words to my Juniors :

Herewith, I admit that I’ll do my level best to nurture my Juniors in making this Open Source User group live and active forever.


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      I never disclosed about GTUG here 🙂 will disclose it in my nxt post and your role ll be there 4 sure na 🙂

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