Month: August 2010

Stepping into New Life- The Corporate World:)

Hello readers, this post is to say that I am no longer a student and now am a software professional :P. I have been posted here in Chennai . So I am actually into a new world both in lifestyle terms (College Student to Corporate Employee) and also in geographic terms (Madurai to Chennai). I have never been away from my family in my 21 years of life.. Its time for me to live all alone in an entirely new location which is about 450 kms  far from my family and now its time for me to get used to the geographic change and new crew of people.

To say about Chennai, it is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, situated in the tropical zone of climate . It is due to this reason that the city experiences a hot and humid weather throughout the year 🙁 Its a city filled with a mixture of pupil with all standards ranging from illiterates to millionaires. One can easily find Corporate IT Professionals down the streets undergoing a cushy job getting a decent salary and living a sophisticated life here as Chennai has become a major bay for all IT Companies !

I have something to say about my company life. Here, I feel like I am spending my time in Heaven. People here are really really kind enough with me. Centralised A/C, A cabin, An office laptop, An always opened pantry with free snack and junk foods :P, A cab for my pick up and drop, blah blah . . makes me feel really glad to me. Myself along with 4 more colleagues are the junior most part of the company and we have been surrounded by tech-geeks who are simple enough with no show off and a very interesting stuff about my company is, one may find it hard to find hierarchy levels in Designation here. I was excited to see our director and manager of my team being friendly and chatting and raising pranks as well at me like a dosth . This made me feel like I’m no more alone. Also, people here show a keen interest to share their knowledge with us  and thus we have been set free to ask any kinda doubts or queries to them, no matter how silly it is 🙂 Trust me, I have never been felt lonely here and all I feel is these are my new family members.

I have updated my Facebook profile with few photos as well :

The only hitch I found these days was my lack of concentration. But I would build it slowly and make my dream come true here by achieving my goal for sure! BTW, I have been planning to start writing technical articles as well and keep you updated . Will do it for sure soon in some days .

My Passion has been made as my Career – with CollabNet !

Hey all, I’m back here with my experience about my Interview process @ CollabNet., Inc. (visit

It was Mr. Senthil Kumaran, Who sent about vacancy in CollabNet on July 19 through GLUGOT and ILUGC Mailing lists .

I felt that this post suits well for my background and soon sent my updated resume that night to the specified mail id .

I was eagerly waiting for a response mail from them .. After few days, I guess it was on 24th July, got a call from CollabNet stating that I have been shortlisted in the screening process and they wanted me to attend an Interview on 30th July 2010 (Friday).

I felt sooo happy and I started preparing for the written process and finally gone through it that day and came back home, awaiting again for the results . . After 4 days of impatience, got a call stating I’v been shortlisted in the written test successfully !

Yay, now the next phase is very important and I must step up moving my coin smart and with keen care.

The Judgement day came, I undergone 2 technical Interview rounds followed by 3 HR rounds . . and trust me, they were easy and very importantly it was upto my level 😛

BTW, I am not supposed to reveal those questions as it is not loyal 😛

Finally, after undergoing 6 rounds of thorough filteration, I am now a part of the CollabNet., Inc. Joined here as a trainee . . Feeling glad that my career has been made up with my choice of desire and proud to contribute my part towards Open Source as well !

Also, I’m proud to work under ILUGC Coordinator commiter, Mr.Shrinivasan … Yippie 😉

I’v got a chance to expose myself here to their Open Source technologies and also I feel that I can learn a lot here as I’m being surrounded by friendly techies and Geeks !

At last, My Passion has been made as my Career with CollabNet , who gets this heavenly opportunity ?! I work in a job which supports my passion . .

Will try to update my blog often with whatever I learn from now on ..