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[HOWTO] Bake your motherboard to Fix the “LG TV HDMI Ports not working” issue

I bought a used TV (LG 42LD750) from a gentleman here in Germany. After 5 months of its working, one day all my HDMI ports stopped detecting any device when connected. Replacing the HDMI cable didn’t help. As it is out of warranty, Saturn and MediaMarkt suggested me to approach the LG service centre and when I asked them, they wanted me to ship it to Mainz as they don’t have a physical service centre anywhere else in Germany. None of the TV repair centres are also around in my town.

Upon Googling, I found some forums having the same problem and they all pointed to this blog post
At first glance, it sounded insane to me. They wanted me to literally heat my motherboard in the oven. I couldn’t get convinced more after reading the comments – Almost 100% success rate. I gained the courage to try it and was prepared to order a new motherboard if something happens. I got 2 of my neighbours for help and followed blindly whatever was suggested in that post.

— Laid the TV down on my couch
— Started Unscrewing, Removed the stand – Back cover – Motherboard
— Preheat the oven for 15 mins
— Put the motherboard on top of a porcelain mug like in the img below. (FWIW, the mug touched a metal piece only)
— Let it bake for exactly 10 mins
— Let it cool for about 25 mins
— Installed the motherboard back

LG TV motherboard baking

LG TV motherboard baking

The first time when we turned on the TV without fixing the back-cover, we just got a blank screen and the LG Logo screen didn’t appear. I thought the whole experiment went in vein. But my friends seem to have missed connecting the LC Panel cables to the motherboard correctly (was very hard to see, as well as tricky to get it right, as the pins were so delicate) and upon connecting to the power the second time, the LG logo screen appeared. Yay! I jumped through the roof that it worked. I continued to connect my Android TV to one of the HDMI ports and voila! It got detected and yes, it WORKS!!.
Special Thanks to my neighbours – Fred and Simran. You have no idea how happy I was. Dinner was on me that day ūüėČ

[HowTo] change from OEM installation to normal user mode?

Last week, I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Laptop alongside Windows 10 and chose OEM install during the installation just to try what it is up-to. Later, I learnt that OEM mode is a System Manufacturer Mode and choosing this would allow one to customise the OS before shipping to the end-users. This is definitely what I intended to do as a direct end-user. I, therefore, wanted to revert it to the normal user mode and this is how I did in just 1 step.

— Double click on “Prepare for shipping to the end user” icon in the Desktop. Upon rebooting, you will be asked for your preference (including name and username) and voila! you can login as a normal from then-on..
ubuntu OEM install

How does it feel like to undergo a lasik surgery

I have started using lens from Dec 2013. It has never been smooth for me. The amount of time wasted to place it correctly on my cornea and the effort needed to maintain it was tiresome. It’s been close to a year and now I’ve decided to go for a corrective surgery.

Which one to choose?

There are 3 types : LASIK, Personalised (Zyoptix) and Femto laser. Femto laser is the latest technology that involves no blades and it costs more than double the price of Zyoptix. I was suggested to not go for it, because it is fairly new in the market and not sure about its effect after 10 years. Thus, I chose the second one (Zyoptix).

More info about the cost :

Procedure :

I had to undergo Pre operative Assessment that involves few tests that takes around 2-3 hours including waiting time. Those are as simple as sitting in front of a beam of light on different machines. I was given a positive sign for the surgery by the ophthalmologist.

Did I mention that I had to stop wearing lens for at least 2 weeks before the day of assessment? This is to make sure the eyeballs are in the right proportion, thereby yielding the right results. Looks like lens alter the shape of the cornea. Post the test, we are free to wear till we undergo surgery. The assessment is valid for 3 months, within which one should undergo surgery.

Next day, I was prepared for surgery and had to chime in as early as possible. I was given eye drops every few mins for about an hour and it made my eyes insensitive to touch. Probably that’s what they call it local anaesthesia? I don’t know.

When my turn came, I was told to enter the surgery theatre after wearing their surgical clothes and a cap. It was super cold inside. There were few standing around the chief doctor inviting me with a warm smile and told me not to worry. I laid on the chair(/bed?) that resembled dentist chair. The machine above me had a blinking orange light surrounded by a circular beam of light.

I was told to look at the light source throughout. They clamped my eyelids. Trust me, it wasn’t as complex as you see in the images when you google for it. I was apparently not able to feel anything. They placed a cylinder over my eyes and now the light source appeared blurry. That device then started chopping my cornea flap (and I could feel that). Now I could barely see anything, but just hear. Then heard a stream of mosquito bat sound surrounding my eyes (and it smelled exactly the same). I safely assumed it must be the laser gun shots passing through my eyes. The entire process lasted for not more than a minute. They then had to take off the cylinder and close the flap with a tiny needle which I could see this time.

Voila, that’s it! The same process was repeated for the other eye.

Lasik Courtesy: Google

We can return home soon after the Lasik. Post surgery, I felt the pain increasing gradually and it was lasting for about 4 hours. Pain killers came to the rescue. I could correlate the pain with peeling off an onion and eye irritation caused by dust ;).

Precaution :

I had to wear closed black glasses for a day to avoid infection and prevent bright light from entering my eyes. I had to go to the hospital the next day for a general checkup which lasted for less than a minute and was then given eyedrops to put at regular intervals. Right now, bright light makes me squeeze my eyes and it could continue for a month and is completely normal.

I was instructed not to take a head bath and face wash for at least 5-10 days just to avoid contact with water.

I’m perfectly normal now with a 6/6 vision ūüôā

A terrible experience with Rajalakshmi Roadways and what happens next?

Here I come with another awful travel experience, but this time with a private bus service on May 26, 2014!

Usually, I book my bus at the last minute, as my travel is usually sudden. My favourite is over, as I get better offers over the latter one.

I was looking for the cheapest travel for my commute that weekend from Madurai to Chennai. As usual, I got this Rajalakshmi Roadways getting listed on the site.

FF : I made it on time to Mattuthavani, Madurai bus terminus and couldn’t find the bus. It was supposed to be parked amongst the other buses at the entrance of¬†the bus stand, but wasn’t. I had to call them and with much struggle, I managed to find the bus parked way further than you could ever guess. Maybe I missed it at the first glance because Rajalakshmi Roadways wasn’t mentioned anywhere, except in¬†the frame of the bus as ‘RR’ (If I remember correctly). Finally, I boarded into the bus after passing the most lethargic driver I’ve ever met.

The condition of the bus was so pathetic. One could very easily find that the bus was remodeled to make some sleeper berths. The clothes were so awfully maintained that the next day, I found rashes all over my arms and shoulders.

The bus was supposed to leave at 10.30, but left the place only by 11.30 despite the passengers losing their patience and started yelling at the driver. They finally left the place around 12.15 after filling gas and waiting once again for one stupid passenger loosing something and taking it back on the way.

My happiness wasn’t to last for long. The bus was moving so slowly that even a bullock cart could overtake. I managed to get some sleep and at around 2AM, the bus had passed¬†Trichy and halted along the highways. I woke up and found the driver trying to fix something in¬†the engine. Over an hour has passed and he slowly informed few passengers that he is giving up and that he wants to look for other buses in the middle of the pitch¬†dark highways. There were neither¬†cab services nor bus services ready to be arranged for us.¬†Interestingly, the Driver absconded soon after the situation took a turn for the worst! The cleaner slowly left the place too after hinting to us that the owner of the bus service wasn’t picking up the call and switched off the phone.

After waiting for an hour, we managed to get a Delux bus with the help of the Highway Patrol at around 4.30AM. I had to cramp my legs and sit among the crowd. The next day was so spoiled because of this and I could only reach my office by noon.

I had¬†tweeted instantly about this here –¬†

Rajalakshmi Roadways – The bus to be banned.

Interestingly, the next day, I received a call from RedBus and Goibibo support asking for an explanation. They promised me a refund. Soon after a few hours, I got a call from Rajalakshmi Roadways themselves apologising for the inconvenience caused. They’ve explained the reason behind the incident and promised a refund of the whole money. I chose the¬†option of transferring the money to my bank account, as I had no time to go to their centre which was located about 20 kms away from my place.

Despite many reminders, I haven’t had my refund sanctioned. By reporting this back to Goibibo, I had received a partial refund after many twitter DMs.

This incident made me realise the power of social media and the fact that not all the private buses are maintained well.

Rashes due to the travel in Rajalakshmi roadways

Procedure to relocate my bike to a different state within India

So.. it all started here. I *was* supposed to relocate to Hyderabad from Chennai for exploring new opportunities. I had to take my motorcycle¬†with me that I’ve purchased here in Chennai.

I went to the nearest Regional Transport Office(RTO) and asked for the procedure and got to know that we may need to have the below things ready for the relocation process.

  • Form 28 – Available in the nearby RTO kiosk.
  • Police Certificate – Your nearest police station of¬†your residence.
  • Pollution certificate – Available in most¬†of the 4 wheeler mechanic shops.
  • Bike Insurance – Says it all.
  • An attested letter telling about your relocation (with 5rs revenue stamp on it)

Head to the RTO office where your bike was booked. I think we can get this NOC (No Objection Certificate) anywhere. Pay an amount of umm, I forgot ūüėõ but pretty negligible.

Doing all the above makes sense only if you are relocating within your state. If relocating inter state, you will have to re-register your bike in the new state, for which you may have to undergo a lot of procedures and it might cost you around 15,000 INR and about 3-6 months to happen. My recommendation is to sell your vehicle in your current city and purchase a new one or an used one based on the duration of your stay. Good luck with that!

How to fix Wifi connectivity issues with WPA & WPA 2 Enterprise on Ubuntu 13.10

After the upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10, I was able to connect to my home wifi, but not my office one. I realised Ubuntu has¬†issue is with only “WPA & WPA 2 Enterprise” type authentication. On Googling, I came across this stackoverflow post¬†to be closely relevant. However, I fixed the following way. Delete the faulty connection from list in Network Connections.

$ locate MyWifiName /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/MyWifiName

Open the above file as a root user and remove the below line and retry connecting. It works!


and you’re welcome ūüôā

How to take a screenshot of a portion of the screen in Ubuntu

Taking a screenshot is as simple as pressing PrintScreen button and finding it saved in ~/Pictures directory. This gets awfully tough when we have a multiple screen setup and wanted to take just a part of the image. I used to manually crop the required portion using an image editor (like Shotwell, yes you heard it right).

It was just today¬†I discovered that there is an option to take a screenshot of just a portion of your scrreen by pressing¬†Shift+PrintScreen combination. You may press ALT+PrintScreen¬†for a screenshot of the current active Window. This gives us a plus cursor to highlight/choose just a portion of a screen and once done highlighting, release the cursor.. and voila! that’s it ūüôā

This is one such incredible hack for those multiscreen users like me!

[Solved] How did I fix Screen Resolution in Ubuntu

Today, I’ve got a new external LCD Monitor on my work station. I had resolution issue in my Ubuntu 13.10.¬†The monitor suggested the recommended resolution to be 1680×1050, but mine listed 1024×768 as it’s maximum resolution.

By Googling, I came across this post and it worked out for me:

Open up a shell :

$ xrandr

(This will show you your connection type, in my case it’s VGA1)

$ cvt 1680 1050 60

(Just type this in and hit enter, my refresh rate is 60. My resolution can handle 1680×1050. Copy the part after ‘Modeline’ e.g.¬†Modeline “1680x1050_60.00” 146.25 1680 1784 1960 2240 1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync¬†then add this to the following command.

$ xrandr --newmode "1680x1050" 146.25 1680 1784 1960 2240 1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync

(Notice how I took out the “_60.00”¬†part after “1680×1050” above? It only works if you take out that refresh bit.)

$ xrandr --addmode VGA1 1680x1050

(This should add the new resolution you used to get, my monitor only gets to 1680×1050. The VGA1 is the connection type you get in the first command i mentioned. You might have something like hdmi1 or something.)

How did I fix a fan error

I found something unusual with my lenovo T410 laptop since last week. It started to perform too slow. ‘top’ command didn’t hint any unusual activity. Later, I realised my laptop getting heated up insanely. ¬†It didn’t strike my mind to check the heatsink fan whether it’s running.

laptop fan

heat sink fan Courtesy :

I realised only when my laptop got shut down without notice when overheated. While attempting to restart, it throwed a fan error. I then took it to my admin ninja at office. He blew too hard into the heat sink few times. It emitted loads of dust, followed by which he had hit ‘Esc’ and voila! it started to boot. Till date, it works like a charm and it no more gets heated up.

P.S. I was lucky enough to get it working this way. You may have to take it to a service centre if this method doesn’t fix for you.